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Backyard Greenhouses — Is Bigger Better?

The purpose of greenhouses is to allow gardeners to grow a wider variety of plants and flowers, no matter the growing zone, and to extend the growing season to three, and sometimes four, seasons. No matter what size the greenhouse, the interior of a greenhouse heats up because the sunlight shining through greenhouse windows warms everything inside faster than heat can escape. The greenhouse walls and roof keep the warm air inside, even when temperatures outside are chilly.  How do you know, though, what size greenhouse is ideal for your garden?  Consider the following.

Hobby greenhouses are available in many shapes and sizes. If space is limited, a practical option would be a lean-to greenhouse or an attached greenhouse. These greenhouses are generally smaller in size and are physically attached to another building, such as a house, garage, or shed. Attached greenhouses and lean-to greenhouses get less sunlight during the day simply because they are attached to another structure, so they should be placed in a location that receives the most amount of sunlight throughout the day. Lean-to greenhouses and attached greenhouses are ideal for gardeners who wish to use the greenhouse only seasonally, and who may wish only to grow a small selection of plants.

Larger hobby greenhouses are free-standing and can hold more plants, flowers, and vegetables. Larger greenhouses can also support a longer growing season. Importantly, upgrading to a larger size greenhouse can be more expensive than starting with a larger greenhouse in the first place, so thinking ahead to future gardening needs is a must.

Is bigger better when it comes to backyard greenhouses?  The answer is different for every gardener because it depends on the amount of garden space available and the amount of planting each gardener wants to do.  If space is available, and if gardening is a serious endeavor, bigger is better.

New Gardening and Greenhouse Products

There are several new products to aid in fall and winter growing seasons available at BackyardCity! Check out the cool products below and keep your gardening going for many more months!

Greenhouse Heater

  • Greenhouse Heater – This heater provides 5,120 BTU’s of fan forced heat throughout your greenhouse to your plants. It has three settings, a safety tip over switch, automatic reset, & thermal cut-out. It comes with a 6 foot cord to make it easy to position anywhere in your greenhouse.

Grow Deck

  • Grow Deck – A grow deck is like a traditional cold frame, but raised off the ground. They provide the perfect ventilation and protection against the elements. It provides comfortable access for all ages and offers storage underneath for making efficient use of small spaces.

  • Grow Station – Even though the Grow Station is not available until late October, you can pre-order now to beat the high demand. The Grow Station offers a unique combination of a cold frame, a workbench and a storage unit. Put plants at a comfortable working height for potting, and use as a cold frame for starting and protecting precious seedlings. Perfect for storing all of your tools and accessories to keep your patio garden tidy. The sturdy galvanized steel shelves are adjustable for ergonomic placement, and both the lid and doors hinge open for accessibility. Crystal clear SnapGlas panels on the lid and doors allow 90% light transmission.

A Perfect Space for Your Fall Plants

Plant Inn
Greenhouses are great for gardeners looking to continue into fall. Traditional greenhouses, however, can be large and expensive, which prohibits some gardeners from exploring this option. A great new alternative is a plant inn. It will provide a beautiful and functional growing space in your garden or backyard. The sloping lid allows maximum sunlight and rain runoff. The plant inn even features an internal drainage system. The hinged frame and latch have four access and ventilation options: completely open, two ventilation levels, and locked in the closed position. The raised growing beds provide comfortable access for all ages and keeps ground level critters out. The lower panels slide up for additional storage and drainage hose access. You will get maximum growing and storage space in a compact area.

Plant Inn OpenInternal DrainagePlant Inn Closed

Replicate These Multi-Million Dollar Backyards!

1721 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Photo by Coldwell Banker Previews International

I recently read an article titled Pools, Patios, and Gardens to Die For which featured some pretty spectacular homes. The $25 million Aspen, CO home includes a patio, heated pool, and breathtaking mountain view. For ONLY $4.8  million, you could go with the Beverly Hills home with a custom fire pit, pool, and hot tub (pictured above). These homes and backyards are gorgeous, but they are also out of the price range for most Americans. Recreate these scenes at your own home with the products below!

  • Steamer Deck Chairs are a beautiful way to lounge pool side. They will create a similar look to the Aspen home’s pool area. They offer a multi-position back, beautiful durability, and exceptional strength in their Eucalyptus frame. They will last for years and are a great investment. Add your favorite cushions for colorful custom look.
  • The Malibu home mentioned in the article above ($3 million) features an sprawling garden and impressive greenhouse. Create a stunning garden at your own home with the addition of pergolas, garden arbors, and hobby greenhouses. Flowering and lush green plants will create an eye catching escape.
  • Love the pirate ship play house in the Westlake Village home? Add a wooden swing set with tons of features to create fun and adventure for your little ones. A rope ladder, monkey bars, rock wall, telescope, steering wheel, and spiral slides will encourage creative play and healthy exercise year round.
  • Custom fire pits, like the one in the multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home, can cost thousands of dollars to install. Produce a warm, inviting atmosphere on your patio with an easy to use, pre-built fire pit or fire bowl. They are affordable, durable, and easy to operate.

Steamer Deck Chairs Hobby Greenhouse Kit Swing Set Kit Fire Pit

Easy DIY Storage Shed Has Gardeners Seeing Green

Storage Building with Cover

So many gardeners have yet to dabble in the exciting world of greenhouse gardening because the initial amount of labor and the cost of setting up a hobby greenhouse can feel daunting.  Without knowing for sure if greenhouse gardening is going to suit them, gardeners often choose not to take the risk.  Very little labor, money, or risk is involved with an Easy Up Storage Shed, though, which can function very well as a temporary greenhouse.

Easy Up Storage Shed products are ideal for novice do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  Each kit comes with special stud andEasy Up Frame Storage Sheds angle brackets that allow homeowners to put together the frame of the storage shed with nothing more than a screwdriver and saw.  Once assembled, the storage shed frame is covered with either a silver, multi-use cover or a clear cover — perfect for greenhouse gardening.

For a small amount of initial labor and a very small initial cost, gardeners wanting to give greenhouse gardening a try can do so with an Easy Up Storage Shed and its clear cover.  If the greenhouse experiment is a success, then gardeners can choose to upgrade to a more permanent structure over the next few years.  If greenhouse gardening is a bust, on the other hand, the Easy Up Storage Shed can still be useful for storing gardening supplies or other outdoor gear.