Backyard Greenhouses — Is Bigger Better?

The purpose of greenhouses is to allow gardeners to grow a wider variety of plants and flowers, no matter the growing zone, and to extend the growing season to three, and sometimes four, seasons. No matter what size the greenhouse, the interior of a greenhouse heats up because the sunlight shining through greenhouse windows warms everything inside faster than heat can escape. The greenhouse walls and roof keep the warm air inside, even when temperatures outside are chilly.  How do you know, though, what size greenhouse is ideal for your garden?  Consider the following.

Hobby greenhouses are available in many shapes and sizes. If space is limited, a practical option would be a lean-to greenhouse or an attached greenhouse. These greenhouses are generally smaller in size and are physically attached to another building, such as a house, garage, or shed. Attached greenhouses and lean-to greenhouses get less sunlight during the day simply because they are attached to another structure, so they should be placed in a location that receives the most amount of sunlight throughout the day. Lean-to greenhouses and attached greenhouses are ideal for gardeners who wish to use the greenhouse only seasonally, and who may wish only to grow a small selection of plants.

Larger hobby greenhouses are free-standing and can hold more plants, flowers, and vegetables. Larger greenhouses can also support a longer growing season. Importantly, upgrading to a larger size greenhouse can be more expensive than starting with a larger greenhouse in the first place, so thinking ahead to future gardening needs is a must.

Is bigger better when it comes to backyard greenhouses?  The answer is different for every gardener because it depends on the amount of garden space available and the amount of planting each gardener wants to do.  If space is available, and if gardening is a serious endeavor, bigger is better.

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  1. Sophia Smith

    As greenhouse is the most effective way to care your plants and provide them the exact environment as there they can get the optimum sunlight instead of being directly in the sun. In case, if there is small space for the greenhouse then small and portable greenhouses are better to avail as they available in different sizes.

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