Easy DIY Storage Shed Has Gardeners Seeing Green

Storage Building with Cover

So many gardeners have yet to dabble in the exciting world of greenhouse gardening because the initial amount of labor and the cost of setting up a hobby greenhouse can feel daunting.  Without knowing for sure if greenhouse gardening is going to suit them, gardeners often choose not to take the risk.  Very little labor, money, or risk is involved with an Easy Up Storage Shed, though, which can function very well as a temporary greenhouse.

Easy Up Storage Shed products are ideal for novice do-it-yourself enthusiasts.  Each kit comes with special stud andEasy Up Frame Storage Sheds angle brackets that allow homeowners to put together the frame of the storage shed with nothing more than a screwdriver and saw.  Once assembled, the storage shed frame is covered with either a silver, multi-use cover or a clear cover — perfect for greenhouse gardening.

For a small amount of initial labor and a very small initial cost, gardeners wanting to give greenhouse gardening a try can do so with an Easy Up Storage Shed and its clear cover.  If the greenhouse experiment is a success, then gardeners can choose to upgrade to a more permanent structure over the next few years.  If greenhouse gardening is a bust, on the other hand, the Easy Up Storage Shed can still be useful for storing gardening supplies or other outdoor gear.

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