A Screened Enclosure You Can Afford

Having a screened-in porch is on the top of my wish list, but it’s at the bottom of my “things I can afford” list.  So, I was particularly excited when I learned that I could have my screened-in porch, and pay for it, too.  A Universal Screen Enclosure is an easy to assemble screened room that can be mounted to an existing deck or concrete patio.  It can even be mounted to the ground, so you can create a wonderfully bug-free, outdoor room in the middle of your yard, next to your garden, or at a campsite.  A Universal Screen Enclosure would be ideal to use, too, over your spa or small pool.  Anywhere you want to keep the bugs out while you enjoy the fresh, outdoor air is a good place for the Universal Screen Enclosure.  The only downside?  It’s not big enough to cover my entire yard.

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