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Replicate These Multi-Million Dollar Backyards!

1721 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Photo by Coldwell Banker Previews International

I recently read an article titled Pools, Patios, and Gardens to Die For which featured some pretty spectacular homes. The $25 million Aspen, CO home includes a patio, heated pool, and breathtaking mountain view. For ONLY $4.8  million, you could go with the Beverly Hills home with a custom fire pit, pool, and hot tub (pictured above). These homes and backyards are gorgeous, but they are also out of the price range for most Americans. Recreate these scenes at your own home with the products below!

  • Steamer Deck Chairs are a beautiful way to lounge pool side. They will create a similar look to the Aspen home’s pool area. They offer a multi-position back, beautiful durability, and exceptional strength in their Eucalyptus frame. They will last for years and are a great investment. Add your favorite cushions for colorful custom look.
  • The Malibu home mentioned in the article above ($3 million) features an sprawling garden and impressive greenhouse. Create a stunning garden at your own home with the addition of pergolas, garden arbors, and hobby greenhouses. Flowering and lush green plants will create an eye catching escape.
  • Love the pirate ship play house in the Westlake Village home? Add a wooden swing set with tons of features to create fun and adventure for your little ones. A rope ladder, monkey bars, rock wall, telescope, steering wheel, and spiral slides will encourage creative play and healthy exercise year round.
  • Custom fire pits, like the one in the multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home, can cost thousands of dollars to install. Produce a warm, inviting atmosphere on your patio with an easy to use, pre-built fire pit or fire bowl. They are affordable, durable, and easy to operate.

Steamer Deck Chairs Hobby Greenhouse Kit Swing Set Kit Fire Pit

Snap and Grow Greenhouses Get Spring Started in One Day!

Greenhouse Kit
The first day of spring is just over a week away. With spring comes milder weather, lots of sunshine, and plants in full bloom. If you are a gardener, now is the time to get a jump-start on the spring growing season with a greenhouse. If you are ready to get started right away, I have the perfect solution. A Snap & Grow Greenhouse offers a beautiful, function greenhouse that offers easy assembly that can be completed in just one day. Very little hardware is needed to set up this 8×8 greenhouse because of the patented Smartlock™ connector system. The window and door are delivered pre-assembled and the clear panels slide and lock easily into place. Large split doors and an adjustable roof vent (both pictured below) provide the perfect amount of ventilation for your precious plants and can be adjusted as needed. Many options allow you to customize the greenhouse kit to make it perfect for your needs. Plant clips are available for your hanging potted plants. Large shelving units can be added to create extra work space. You can even add extensions to your greenhouse as your plant output grows. If you are looking for something slightly smaller, there is also a 6 x 8 Snap & Grow Greenhouse kit that has all the same great features of the larger version. Happy gardening!


Roof VentsSplit Door



BackyardCity.com Rates A+ with BBB!

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Many of our loyal readers know first hand that BackyardCity.com offers outstanding products at competitive prices, but do you also know that BackyardCity.com has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau? This is the highest grade possible for the BBB and is a stamp of approval that customers respect and trust this website to offer quality products and service. Everything from wooden swing sets for your children to greenhouse kits and storage sheds are made of top of the line materials and the customer service is second to none. The Better Business Bureau is designed to help you feel secure in making a purchase so be sure to check a company’s rating while weighing your options!

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Cedar Greenhouse Kits

Cedar Greenhouse Kit


If you enjoy gardening year round, a greenhouse is a great investment to make. While many people think of a greenhouse as a metal and glass eyesore, they are some beautiful options available. Cedar greenhouse kits are a charming alternative to traditional greenhouses and will add beauty to any landscape. The building comes complete with built-in benches for your plant storage. The high performance thermoplastic windows transmit up to 90% of visible light, while filtering out harmful ultraviolet light. It is also equipped with a functional dutch door and rear window which ensures air circulation while you are working hard inside. The red cedar is sturdy and pleasing to the eyes, ensuring you will love it for years to come. These greenhouses also make a perfect work space for artists and backyard warriors who build, repair, and relax outdoors every weekend.

Planning for a Hobby Greenhouse: Size and Location Matter


Backyard gardening is experiencing a renaissance, and many home owners who would not consider such an endeavor in the past are now investing their time and energy in backyard gardening. The reasons for the increase in gardening interest are many and range from poor selections at local nurseries, a desire to enhance the home’s “curb appeal,” and a need for fresh and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits that haven’t traveled thousands of miles to reach the neighborhood grocery store. Whatever the reason, though, gardeners are limited to the growing season, and in cooler climates, the season may last only a couple of months.  Fortunately, increasing the annual growing season can be done easily and inexpensively with a hobby greenhouse.

The purpose of greenhouses is to allow gardeners to grow a wider variety of plants and flowers, no matter the growing zone, and to extend the growing season to three, and sometimes four, seasons. No matter what size the greenhouse, the interior of a greenhouse heats up because the sunlight shining through greenhouse windows warms everything inside faster than heat can escape. The greenhouse walls and roof keep the warm air inside, even when temperatures outside are chilly. A few essential determinations that must be made, though, before selecting any hobby greenhouse are size and location.

Selecting the Right Size Greenhouse

Hobby greenhouses can be found in numerous models, shapes, and sizes. If space is limited, a practical option would be a lean-to greenhouse or an attached greenhouse. These greenhouses are physically attached to another building, such as a house, garage, or shed. Attached greenhouses and lean-to greenhouses get less sunlight during the day simply because they are attached to another structure, so they need to be located in a spot that receives the most amount of sunlight throughout the day. Lean-to greenhouses and attached greenhouses are ideal for gardeners who wish to use the greenhouse only seasonally, and who do not plan to grow a large collection and variety of plants. Larger hobby greenhouses are free-standing and can hold more plants, flowers, and vegetables. Larger greenhouses can also support a longer growing season. Importantly, upgrading to a larger size greenhouse later can be more expensive than starting with a larger greenhouse in the first place, so thinking ahead to future gardening expectations is recommended.

Choosing the Best Location for Your Greenhouse

The best location for a hobby greenhouse is a level, well-drained site that garners much sunlight. If the local climate includes heavy rains, a well-drained site will help prevent drainage problems in and around the greenhouse. A drainage system may be necessary, though, if a site with good drainage is not available. Sunlight is, of course, a major consideration when locating a hobby greenhouse. To grow plants in late fall and winter, a greenhouse needs at a minimum six hours of direct sunlight every day. However, if the greenhouse will be used mainly for starting seeds and transplants in the summer, then an area with partial shade would be ideal. Partial shade will help minimize heat build-up in the afternoon. In general, greenhouses should be positioned so that the ends face east and west; this location provides the greatest amount of heat during the winter and minimizes shadowing.

To have the most success and return, the size and location of greenhouses are essential considerations for every home owner who wishes to join the growing numbers of new backyard gardeners. Skillful consideration prior to installing a hobby greenhouse will pay off when harvest time brings beautiful flowers and plants, and delicious fruits and vegetables.