Snap and Grow Greenhouses Get Spring Started in One Day!

Greenhouse Kit
The first day of spring is just over a week away. With spring comes milder weather, lots of sunshine, and plants in full bloom. If you are a gardener, now is the time to get a jump-start on the spring growing season with a greenhouse. If you are ready to get started right away, I have the perfect solution. A Snap & Grow Greenhouse offers a beautiful, function greenhouse that offers easy assembly that can be completed in just one day. Very little hardware is needed to set up this 8×8 greenhouse because of the patented Smartlockā„¢ connector system. The window and door are delivered pre-assembled and the clear panels slide and lock easily into place. Large split doors and an adjustable roof vent (both pictured below) provide the perfect amount of ventilation for your precious plants and can be adjusted as needed. Many options allow you to customize the greenhouse kit to make it perfect for your needs. Plant clips are available for your hanging potted plants. Large shelving units can be added to create extra work space. You can even add extensions to your greenhouse as your plant output grows. If you are looking for something slightly smaller, there is also a 6 x 8 Snap & Grow Greenhouse kit that has all the same great features of the larger version. Happy gardening!


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