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Wooden Swing Sets Provide Quality and Fun

Wooden Swing Set Kit
If you are looking for a wooden swing set, we have all of the options to ensure that you receive a quality swing set for less than you ever expected. Our four swing set kits, Settler, Trailblazer, Pathfinders, and Adventurer, all feature the highest quality hardware that is available. Our simple, easy to follow plans will help you work through step by step. You simply buy your wood (which is outlined on our wood list) and we supply all of the hardware, including swings, blots, and all other hardware.

You can also choose, in addition to how many swings are on your set, from our amazing selection of add on options. We have several varieties of gliders and swings. Our five slide choices will add excitement of varying levels. We also have rope ladders, monkey bars, sandboxes, and other accessories to add fun and excitement to your new wooden swing set. All of our sets and accessories feature great quality and loads of fun.

Options Abound with Vinyl Playhouses

Vinyl Playhouse

Does your swing set have a space at the bottom? Perhaps a sandbox that has gone unused for years or an open area that seems like wasted space? Spruce it up with a custom vinyl playhouse. You provide the dimensions of your fort, and we create a custom solution that will fit perfectly. The options are abundant. You can choose windows that are open, marine grade vinyl rollup flapped, clear plastic, or sturdy mesh. They are all weather resistant and mildew repellant. Strong seams and custom fasteners are also standard. You can pick red, green, blue, yellow, tan, or a combination of these colors. Since they are custom, these playhouses will fit all major swing set brands (including Rainbow Play Systems, PlayNation, Swing-N-Slide, Plan-It Play, and many more). Give your children a dry, creative retreat today!

Upgrade Swing Sets for Summer

Back to Back Glider Swing Trapeze Bar Super Tube Spiral Slide Sandbox Kit
You probably already know that wooden swing sets are a great way to provide fun and exercise to your children without leaving your home. If fact, many of you probably own one of these versatile sets. If you do, summer is the perfect time to consider upgrading and adding new and exciting accessories. Children often get bored easily and look for more challenging or entertaining activities. These swing set accessories will re-engage your children and add fun new elements to your set.

  • Exciting Belt Swing Alternatives: Do regular belt swings seem boring to your kids? Surprise them with a back to back glider swing or trapeze bar to instantly change their swinging dynamic.
  • Super Slides: Is your regular slide worn? Just looking for something more interesting? A tube spiral slide is perfect for sets with a deck height of at least 7 ft. and with a 275 lb. weight limit, parents might even sneak in a slide!
  • Detached Sand Box: Looking for a way to add outdoor fun for younger siblings? With a wooden sand box kit, you can build a sand box to match your swing set, complete with matching canopy top. It will blend beautifully with your set and provide an extra level of fun.
  • Rock Walls, Rope Ladders, and Monkey Bars: Create an interesting way to climb on your set. Rock walls are easy to build and come in sets with 5-20 handles to create a custom climbing experience and varying degrees of difficulty. A rope ladder is perfect for upper arm and leg strength development. It is also perfect for pretend play (think pirates and castle walls). Monkey bars are also a classic, but exciting, way to introduce new skilled play elements.
  • On Set Games: A Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner panel will create park-quality play time for your little ones. They are easy to install and will create hours of game time for kids of all ages.

Add one or more of these exciting accessories to create additional fun and family time for the children in your life!
Rock Wall Kit Rope Ladder Monkey Bar Kits Tic Tac Toe Spinner Kit

4 Tips for Choosing the Safest Swing Set Location

Swing Sets

Before constructing your new backyard swing set this spring, make sure to think carefully about where the best and safest location will be for the playground equipment.  Use the following 4 guidelines to help you choose just the right spot:

  1. Consider the ground — Level ground is the ideal place to situate a backyard swing set.  Equipment placed on ground that is uneven or sloping can cause a swing set to tip when in use.
  2. Check the surroundings — Avoid placing swing set equipment near obstacles or hazards like trees and tree stumps, low tree limbs, exposed roots, wires, fences, large rocks, bricks, and concrete.
  3. Create a safety zone — Ensure that there will be at least 6 feet of space around all swing set equipment.  Increase that number for the area in front of and behind swings.
  4. Keep it cool — Metal and dark-colored slides and surfaces get extraordinarily hot and can burn skin if they are placed in direct sunlight.  Position the backyard swing set equipment so that slides and any dark surfaces will be out of direct sunlight for most of the day.

Planning ahead and carefully choosing the safest and most suitable location for your backyard swing set is the first significant contribution you make when it comes to playground safety.  Once your swing set is in place, it’s hard to go back and move it to a better location, so take some time to be sure that it’s right from day one.

7 Steps for Safe Swing Sets

Safe Swing Sets

Before you know it, your kids will be clamoring to get outside and play on their backyard swing set.  So, now is the time to check the swing set and equipment to be sure that it’s ready for another year of heavy use.  Follow these 7 steps to ensure a safe start to the season:

  1. Check the overall condition of the swing set — signs of wear and tear include broken or missing parts, bent tubing or pipes, splintering or decaying wood surfaces, and rusted metal surfaces.  Replace worn or damaged parts and repair surfaces as needed.
  2. Examine the condition of swing seats, chains, ropes, cables, and other swing set equipment and accessories for wear.  Replace worn or damaged equipment.
  3. Check and tighten all the nuts and bolts on your swing set.
  4. Make sure the protective caps on the ends of bolts are still in place.
  5. Oil all the moving metal parts with a squirt or two of WD40.
  6. If your swing set includes a sandbox, replace old sand with new, or ensure that existing sand is free from debris before allowing kids to play in it.
  7. Replace the protective surface beneath the swing set with new material or replenish what is already there.

Ideally, you should check your backyard swing set for safety every month, especially if your kids subject it to heavy use.  Doing so takes only a few minutes and goes a long way toward preventing common swing set injuries and accidents.