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Upgrade Swing Sets for Summer

Back to Back Glider Swing Trapeze Bar Super Tube Spiral Slide Sandbox Kit
You probably already know that wooden swing sets are a great way to provide fun and exercise to your children without leaving your home. If fact, many of you probably own one of these versatile sets. If you do, summer is the perfect time to consider upgrading and adding new and exciting accessories. Children often get bored easily and look for more challenging or entertaining activities. These swing set accessories will re-engage your children and add fun new elements to your set.

  • Exciting Belt Swing Alternatives: Do regular belt swings seem boring to your kids? Surprise them with a back to back glider swing or trapeze bar to instantly change their swinging dynamic.
  • Super Slides: Is your regular slide worn? Just looking for something more interesting? A tube spiral slide is perfect for sets with a deck height of at least 7 ft. and with a 275 lb. weight limit, parents might even sneak in a slide!
  • Detached Sand Box: Looking for a way to add outdoor fun for younger siblings? With a wooden sand box kit, you can build a sand box to match your swing set, complete with matching canopy top. It will blend beautifully with your set and provide an extra level of fun.
  • Rock Walls, Rope Ladders, and Monkey Bars: Create an interesting way to climb on your set. Rock walls are easy to build and come in sets with 5-20 handles to create a custom climbing experience and varying degrees of difficulty. A rope ladder is perfect for upper arm and leg strength development. It is also perfect for pretend play (think pirates and castle walls). Monkey bars are also a classic, but exciting, way to introduce new skilled play elements.
  • On Set Games: A Tic-Tac-Toe Spinner panel will create park-quality play time for your little ones. They are easy to install and will create hours of game time for kids of all ages.

Add one or more of these exciting accessories to create additional fun and family time for the children in your life!
Rock Wall Kit Rope Ladder Monkey Bar Kits Tic Tac Toe Spinner Kit

Practice Makes Perfect with Basketball and Soccer

Rolbak Basketball Net

Spring is a perfect time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Sports offer a great outlet to get some exercise while enjoying your time outdoors. Basketball and soccer are fun choices! If you already have an outdoor basketball goal, you know the enjoyment that they can offer. From a competitive game of three on three to a fun round of Horse, you will likely spend hours outside stepping up your game. You can also step up your practice time by using a basketball rebound net. Minimize the time that you spend chasing the ball so that you can maximize your playing time. Let’s face it – we all miss shots. Keep the basketball from damaging plants, windows, and other property close to the hoop. They are easy to install, move, and extend. You can also practice soccer at home with a portable soccer goal. Look for a goal with deep corners. This will help maximize your practice time by allowing you to work on corner shots. A goal that is weighted around the edges will ensure that it is standing strong against wind and powerful kicks. With a few easy tools, you will be bending it like Beckham or shooting like Jordan with all the practice you will be getting in!

Soccer Goal

Get Your Family Outside With Murbles!

Murbles Game

Family gatherings offer a fun, bonding experience for family members of every age. For my family, these gatherings often include outdoor games, such as horseshoes or volleyball. This year, I am adding a new game to the mix! The Murbles Game is a great way to get everyone involved and offers both fun and exercise. Murbles requires no set up! You simply open and play! The game is simple enough that even children can understand, but is entertaining enough to keep everyone’s attention. Even if you have trees, rocks, or irregular terrain, you can still play! In fact, these obstacles can even make Murbles more interesting! You can choose from 20 different ball colors to customize the game to your liking. It even makes a great Christmas gift! Friendly, family competition is sure to ensue at your next gathering with the Murbles Game!

Indoor Game Tables Provide Fun in All Weather Conditions

Game Table
As much as we all love being outside and enjoying beautiful weather, the cold temps do not have to take away all of your fun! You can find some really amazing indoor game tables to keep you entertained when going outdoors is not an option. They are great for all ages and will make the perfect bonding experience for multi-generational families. When my own family gets together for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are always looking for fun ways to spend the day. These games are going to be a huge hit! Air hockey, pool, foosball, darts, and even a 20-in-1 game table are sure to offer something for every member of my family and yours. They also make perfect Christmas and birthday gifts! You will be entertained for hours – rain or shine.

Make Your Children Happy AND Healthy!

Wooden Swing Set


While wooden swing set kits are amazing, they are not for everyone. You might not have the room, or the money, to dedicate to a solid wooden frame. If that is the case, I have got the perfect metal swing set for you! The BrittanyAll Inclusive Wood Playset is a great option that is designed for safety and fun. It has everything your kids will need – climbing ladders, trapeze, climbing rope and swings! It even has an slide. It is the perfect backyard accessory to exercise both mind and body of your children. It will provide hours of climbing, swinging, and sliding exercise that will provide a fun and healthy workout for little ones. It supports up to 300 lbs. and if great for all kids 3 and up! Constructed to last for years, this swing set is perfect for multiple generations of loved ones!