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Thoughtful Gifts Combine Fun and Function

Finding fun gifts that are also useful can present a challenge.  Gifts that are purely fun can quickly become space hogs when they lose their appeal.  Gifts that are purely practical in nature are, frankly, pretty boring.  There are quite a number of great gift ideas out there that successfully combine the fun with the practical, but the key to choosing the right gift is knowing the recipient.

If you have a football-loving friend who also loves to cook out on the grill, it would be hard to go wrong with a gift like the Portable Football Grill.  Shaped like a football, it definitely offers a unique and fun spin on grilling out.  Because it is portable, this grill can be used on the back patio and at the tailgating party.

Football Grill

If, on the other hand, you have a friend who is environmentally conscious but also enjoys fun home decor, a smart gift idea would be a Solar Mosaic Glass Lantern.  These colorful and casual lights are solar powered, so no wiring is involved, and there are no operating costs.  Solar lanterns are ideal for illuminating backyard patio tables since they require sunlight to operate.


How about the friend who loves spending time outdoors, but who also appreciates quiet time in front of the television watching movies or shows with the family?  The ideal gift would combine the fun of watching TV with the ability to enjoy the fresh, clean air of the great outdoors.  The solution comes in an Outdoor Weatherproof TV.  Outdoor TVs are designed to withstand weather exposure, and they make a welcome addition to outdoor patios, sunrooms, pool areas, and covered decks.

SunBriteTV 22 In Outdoor LCD HDTV 2220 PRO

Fun and functional gifts are everywhere, but they provide the most joy to the recipient when you take time to consider your friends and what characteristics they would most appreciate in a gift.  It really is the thought that counts.

A Greener Approach to Gift Giving

Environmentally Unfriendly Gift Wrapping

If you or someone you love is conscious about environmental issues, then gift giving times can be less than joyful occasions. Wrapping paper, ribbons, packaging materials, and even the gift itself often demonstrate our wasteful tendencies when it comes to giving gifts. Being more environmentally considerate about what we give as gifts and how we present those gifts can go a long way to show our loved ones that we care about them as well as about the environment.

One unique gift ideathat is itself environmentally friendly and that would also appeal to anyone who loves to spend timeEarth Friendly Hammock Swing relaxing is a recycled rope hammock swing.  A hammock swing is a gift idea that is rarely considered, but it’s one that many people would love to receive. Unlike a traditional hammock, a hammock swing allows you to sit up comfortably and enjoy reading a book, having a conversation, or just taking in the surroundings. Hammock swings can be constructed from weather-resistant outdoor fabrics or woven with rope materials, but the most environmentally friendly hammock swing is one whose ropes are made from 100% recycled polyester fibers. These ropes are extremely durable and resistant to harsh weather, but they are also soft to the touch like cotton.

While you may not want to install a hammock swing gift before presenting it to your loved one, you can add value to the gift by installing it yourself once a location is chosen, or you can hire an installer to do the work. No wrapping is necessary for a hammock swing, but tying a reusable decorative fabric bow around the gift before you present it can provide a festive touch.

Unconventional Wedding Gifts for Royals and the Rest of Us!

Wedding Bands
Do you have royal wedding fever? Unless you are living under a rock, you know that England’s Prince William married his long time girlfriend Catherine Middleton today. The world was mesmerized by the magical event, focusing on everything from the vows to bridal fashion to the guests’ hats, which were pretty impressive. If you had been able to score an exclusive invite to the prestigious and historic event, what could you possible get a royal couple that has everything? Royalty often receives priceless jewels, shares of stock worth millions, generous donations to their favorite charities, and even a race horse (from the Aga Khan to Elizabeth II on her wedding day in 1947). Choosing a gift for the couple that has everything can be tough, even if they aren’t royals! Below is a list of nontraditional wedding gift ideas any bride and groom on their big day.

  • Charitable Donations: Follow Kate and Williams lead! Ask the couple which causes they support and make a donation in their honor. This gift will be sure to please the couple and help other people and organizations in need. Everyone wins!
  • Museum or Local Attraction Memberships: Does the couple enjoy art and culture? Do they attend concert or plays often? Consider getting them a year long membership to an organization that they will love. Animal lovers might love a year round pass to the local zoo. Theater buffs will certainly enjoy a season of tickets at the local playhouse. Art lovers? The local museum. The options here are limitless. If you know the couple’s hobbies, you can certainly find a membership in their area to fit.
  • Patio Furniture and other outdoor living items: Many guests will bring plates, silverware, and household items. Maybe you should shift gears and look for something for the outside of their home. Patio furniture is something that most couples will enjoy, but might not think about when registering. They will certainly be able to enjoy your gift for many years to come, when cash and gift cards have long been used. Outdoor fireplaces are both luxurious and practical. They are a great addition to any new home. Outdoor grills will give the couple a fun alternative to indoor cooking and will surely get you invited over for future cookouts! Fountains, statues, and water features might also be perfect for your friends or family getting married.
  • Anything Personalized: Anything personalized, including a custom painting from portrait of the couple, monogrammed bath robes, and framed photo collages will show the couple that you avoided the traditional generic gifts. If you pick something especially for them, they will recognize the love and thought that went into choosing a gift for their special day.

Did you receive any unusual or unique wedding gifts on your big day? Have you given a wedding gift that was different, but wonderful?

Wedding Gifts

Birthday Gifts for Your Favorite Guy!

Birthday Party

Today is my husband’s birthday (happy birthday, Jeremy!), and I have been considering the ideal gifts for men. Options abound for choosing the perfect gift for the man in your life, young or old. Below are two great options that are sure to please every husband, boyfriend, brother, and dad around!Grill

Grilling is a passion for most men. Give them a kitchen, and they might not produce, but give them a a grill and the great outdoors and you will have a delicious meal in no time! Even if your guy already has an outdoor grill, it might be time to upgrade! There are so many options in outdoor cooking available today. Electric, propane/gas, charcoal, and smokers ensure that there is something for everyone. You could even get him a portable grill that is perfect for family vacations, tailgating, and outdoor hobbies, like fishing or hunting.

Outdoor TV Outdoor tvs are a dream for many men! They can only imagine being about to watch their favorite  sporting events or movies live while cooking lunch on the new grill or lounging in the pool. Outdoor tvs make this luxury idea into a reality. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, you can safely watch tv in all kinds of weather. They are perfect for patios and decks, barbecues, pool side, and outdoor kitchens. Rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures are not an issue because of the water tight enclosure and rugged, but crystal clear, screen.

No matter which gift you choose for your favorite man, be sure to make it special and give them a gift that they will never forget!

Gift Idea for Four-Legged Family

Coolaroo Dog Bed
If you are like me, your pets are members of your family. We have had our dog, Sadie, for 8 years, and she is very special to us. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I am careful not to forget to pick out a special gift for my four-legged family member so that she knows how special she is! This year, my dog is getting a Coolaroo dog bed! The beds are made of material that is resistant to flea and insect infestation, as well as to mold and mildew. The material is breathable and will keep your dog comfortable throughout the year, indoors or out. It is super easy to clean. You can even order replacement covers, making it last through many years of companionship. The beds are low to the ground, so they are perfect for older dogs or dogs with joint problems. They are also perfect for cats! There is a foldable version for portability, and both varieties come in three sizes (sure to fit your animal comfortably).They are affordable and durable, making them perfect for the favorite pet on your list. I know that my sweet Sadie will appreciate hers.