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Outdoor TV’s Represent Luxury in Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor Television
If you have an outdoor oasis, you probably spend a lot of time there. The outside room, a gender neutral, outdoors version of the “man cave”, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Kitchens, bars, family rooms, and even offices have all received the rustic treatment with spectacular outdoor getaways becoming a hot trend. One of the most fun elements of spaces is the outdoor television. You can watch your favorite shows, sporting events, movies, and more without leaving your backyard. They are also perfect for pool-side viewing pleasure. Whether you go with our affordable 22″ model or the luxuriously large 55″ version, you will love the low glare and durable outdoor tvs offered at BackyardCity.com.

A Fresh Air Idea for TV Lovers

Outdoor Television

Whether you are a sports fan, reality show junkie, or avid news watcher, staying on top of the latest details can be a challenge when you also want to spend time outside enjoying the beautiful spring weather.  More and more, homeowners are choosing to bring their passion for television and the outdoors together by bringing the TV outside.

Standard televisions and rain, sun, and humidity don’t mix, but TVs specifically designed for outdoor use can take all that nature has to offer.  Outdoor TVs can handle temperatures of over 100 degrees and below -20 degrees.  They have a watertight design, which means you can place the TV on a deck, patio, or poolside.  And, outdoor TVs have an anti-glare, scratch-resistant screen so watching one is no problem on a bright and sunny day.  Outdoor televisions can sit on a table or be mounted on a wall, from a ceiling, or on a deck planter pole, making them a versatile and space-saving addition to any outdoor area.

No matter what you like to watch on the television, you can continue to do so while benefitting from fresh air and sunshine.  Outdoor TVs make it easy to host outdoor parties for popular sporting events or movie-themed birthdays, but they also offer individuals and families a refreshing new way to watch favorite shows.

Birthday Gifts for Your Favorite Guy!

Birthday Party

Today is my husband’s birthday (happy birthday, Jeremy!), and I have been considering the ideal gifts for men. Options abound for choosing the perfect gift for the man in your life, young or old. Below are two great options that are sure to please every husband, boyfriend, brother, and dad around!Grill

Grilling is a passion for most men. Give them a kitchen, and they might not produce, but give them a a grill and the great outdoors and you will have a delicious meal in no time! Even if your guy already has an outdoor grill, it might be time to upgrade! There are so many options in outdoor cooking available today. Electric, propane/gas, charcoal, and smokers ensure that there is something for everyone. You could even get him a portable grill that is perfect for family vacations, tailgating, and outdoor hobbies, like fishing or hunting.

Outdoor TV Outdoor tvs are a dream for many men! They can only imagine being about to watch their favorite  sporting events or movies live while cooking lunch on the new grill or lounging in the pool. Outdoor tvs make this luxury idea into a reality. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, you can safely watch tv in all kinds of weather. They are perfect for patios and decks, barbecues, pool side, and outdoor kitchens. Rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures are not an issue because of the water tight enclosure and rugged, but crystal clear, screen.

No matter which gift you choose for your favorite man, be sure to make it special and give them a gift that they will never forget!

Outdoor Televisions: TV Watchers Return to Nature

My husband’s dream…to sit out on the patio or by the pool, cool drink in hand, hot wings by his side, watching his favorite football team.  No, his favorite team won’t be stopping by to scrimmage in the yard; he’ll be able to watch them on an all-weather outdoor television.  Oh, yes.  What could be better as summer winds down than to enjoy the cooler days outdoors while watching a favorite team or favorite show?  You could even enjoy a romantic evening under the stars watching Casablanca or When Harry Met Sally.

An outdoor all-weather television is not your standard variety TV.  It is specially made to be installed and used in an outdoor living space, whether on the patio or pool side.   All-weather TVs are a natural choice for outdoor restaurants and cafes, and they liven up any backyard barbecue or pool party.  Some all-weather TVs even come with watertight, floating remote controls so you can enjoy a swim while surfing the channels.

What happens when the rain falls or when exuberant swimmers splash the television?  Nothing.  All-weather and watertight enclosures protect the Outdoor TV’s components from elements such as rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures.   Additionally, the TV’s screen is much brighter than a standard TV screen to overcome outdoor glare.

Get the popcorn popping and the root beer flowing…we’re going outside for some quality outdoor TV time!


Outdoor TV Brings The Fun Outdoors

Traditionally Televisions have only really been designed for indoor use. Now, Outdoor TVs are specifically designed for permanent outdoor residential and commercial installations. All weather outdoor TVs allow you to enjoy your shows and video entertainment in the comfort of your own backyard or at most outdoor venues, regardless of the weather! People are amazed at the fun  they can have outdoors with unlimited media entertainment.

You can use an outdoor tv – On a Patio, Deck, Outdoor areas of Restaurants, Bistros & Cafes, Amusement Parks, Gazebos, Barbeques, Next to your Spa, Pool side, Outdoor Kitchens

The all weather & watertight enclosures protect an Outdoor TV”s components from elements such as rain, dirt, insets, scratches, sun & extreme temperatures.   Screens should be much brighter than standard screens to overcome outdoor glare.

You may want to get some of the all weather television accessories which include:  Table Top Stand, Articulating wall mount, Deck/planter pole, Water Resistant & Floating Remote Controls

Watch your favorite shows Outdoors