Outdoor Televisions: TV Watchers Return to Nature

My husband’s dream…to sit out on the patio or by the pool, cool drink in hand, hot wings by his side, watching his favorite football team.  No, his favorite team won’t be stopping by to scrimmage in the yard; he’ll be able to watch them on an all-weather outdoor television.  Oh, yes.  What could be better as summer winds down than to enjoy the cooler days outdoors while watching a favorite team or favorite show?  You could even enjoy a romantic evening under the stars watching Casablanca or When Harry Met Sally.

An outdoor all-weather television is not your standard variety TV.  It is specially made to be installed and used in an outdoor living space, whether on the patio or pool side.   All-weather TVs are a natural choice for outdoor restaurants and cafes, and they liven up any backyard barbecue or pool party.  Some all-weather TVs even come with watertight, floating remote controls so you can enjoy a swim while surfing the channels.

What happens when the rain falls or when exuberant swimmers splash the television?  Nothing.  All-weather and watertight enclosures protect the Outdoor TV’s components from elements such as rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures.   Additionally, the TV’s screen is much brighter than a standard TV screen to overcome outdoor glare.

Get the popcorn popping and the root beer flowing…we’re going outside for some quality outdoor TV time!


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