Backyard Swing Set Kits for Sturdy Wood Playsets that are EASY to build

Backyard Swing Set Kits for Sturdy Wood Playsets that are EASY to build

Easy to follow Kits / Plans for a weekend Do It Yourself Project

Bring family fun and excitement into your backyard. You supply the wood, we'll supply the Swing Set Plans and Hardware Kits!

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Our Wooden Swing Sets and Wood Fort Kits and Plans provide you with perfect Do-It-Yourself projects that are easy to build even with little or no carpentry skills. The result is a professional, yet economical, playset that will satisfy your kids' needs for many years to come. Our goal is to help parents afford top quality playground equipment that is ROCK SOLID and SAFE, so the whole gang can swing and play on it.

Standard Features For All Swing Set Plans and Kits:
  • Every wooden swing set kit is professionally engineered and designed
  • Extra wide ladder steps (2x6's vs. dowels or 2x4 lumber)
  • Solid 4x4 framing with all bolt and screw construction - no nails to work loose
  • Hot-Dipped Galvanized hardware for superior outdoor rust and corrosion protection. 130% thicker than zinc plating. Every Nut, Screw, Bolt, Washer, & Lag included. Additional hardware not required.
  • Recessed / countersunk holes to hide bolt heads & nuts and give your playset that professional look
  • Non-metal components are made from high impact resistant polymers, plastics, and marine grade vinyl
  • Easy to read and follow 3D illustrated step-by-step plans
  • 'Safe Activity-Zones' - no-overlapping play areas that can lead to injuries
  • Meets or exceeds every ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) guideline
  • Swing beam brackets (7 gauge steel tested to 20,000lbs)
  • Commercial Iron-Ductile swing hangers with 4 bolts per swing
  • Spring clips for easy removal and height adjustment of each swing apparatus
  • Heavy duty swing belts, buckets, trapeze bars, etc. each with plastisol coated chains for pinch free fingers
  • Easy to customize with other swing set accessories like tire swings, monkey bars, rock climbing walls, and much more.
  • Slides sold separately.

WOOD IS NOT INCLUDED. All kits include the heavy gauge bolts, screws, lags, nuts, washers, swings, swing-hangers, A-Frame brackets, etc., plus an easy to read set of 3D illustrated step-by-step playset plans. Only standard lumber is needed (2x4's, 4x4's, 2x6's, etc.), available at any local home improvement center or lumber yard.

Settler Swing Beam Kit

Settler Swing Beam Kit
Price: $399.00
Sale Price: $299.95

Pathfinder Swing Sets Kit

Pathfinder Swing Sets Kit
Price: $429.00
Sale Price: $369.95

Trailblazer Swing Sets / Fort Kits

Trailblazer Swing Sets / Fort Kits
Price: $469.00
Sale Price: $399.95

Adventurer Swing Set Kit

Adventurer Swing Set Kit
Price: $899.00
Sale Price: $559.95

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