Swing Set and Playset Sandbox Covers

Swing Set and Playset Sandbox Covers

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Are you looking for a Sandbox Cover to fit your existing swing set, fort, or free standing sandbox? Choose from our pre-sized Mesh Sandbox Covers, or have a Custom Cover made to perfectly fit your own backyard sandbox. BackyardCity.com can make your sandbox cover to nearly any size that you may need. Only the best materials are used to make these covers, webbing reinforced permiters, stainless steel snaps or brass grommets for easy attachment.

Sandbox Covers are essential for keeping roaming cats and other domestic or wild animals from soiling your sandbox. They also help keep leaves, pine needles, grass, and other natural debris out of your clean sand. Helping kids stay safe during play time in the sandbox means providing the box with a snug fitting cover when the sandbox is not in use.

Here's a personal story about our sandbox, that was bought for my 1st child, a girl, and later enjoyed by our 2nd girl. My wife was adamant about getting a cover due to several ferrel and/or outdoor cats in the neighborhood. She also wanted to make sure we got a solid cover, so the sand would be as "clean" & "dry" as possible for best play opportunities for our little girl. So I measured and ordered a solid cover. All was wonderful! Then the spring rains came. The rain pooled water on the cover, and the sand playtime lessoned. I asked her why she didn't take our girl out there to play in the sandbox as much, and my little girl so did love playing in it. She said it was a hassel for her to get rid of the water so she could take off the cover. Later in the early summer, thunderstorms pooled water on the cover most days. Then she saw mosquito larvae in the pools and asked me if it was ok to get a mesh cover. She was still concerned about the wetness. I took off the solid cover after a big rain and showed her that the moisture was sucked up from ground water from underneath so mesh or solid wasn't an issue with having dryer sand vs wet sand. We soon were proud owners of a mesh sandbox cover and sandbox play time trippled once again. Sadly for me these are just memories as now my two girls have outgrown their sandbox, but maybe this story can help you decide better which sandbox material to choose for your kids. - Trey Collier

We now recommend that any solid vinyl or poured rubber covers have a drain hole put in the middle of the cover to prevent pooling. But we leave the final choice up to you. Also, most sandbox covers are made with snaps, as they are the easiest to take off or put on quickly.

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