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Gather ‘Round the Fire for a Memorable Family Holiday

Fire pits and Fire bowls

As families gather together for holiday happenings, take advantage of any unseasonably “warm” weather you may be experiencing, and gather your family in your outdoor spaces.  Chicago, for example, has experienced temperatures in the 40s over the past few days, unusual for this time of year.  What a perfect opportunity to stoke up the fire in your fire pit or fire bowl.

Even on chillier days, there’s something so cozy and inviting about gathering around a roaring fire burning safely in an outdoor fire pit or fire bowl.  The crackle of the burning logs, the aroma of the wood, and the early fading sunlight inspire many families to pull out their best stories and tall tales for multi-generational entertainment.  Only hot chocolate and marshmallows could improve the experience.

There really is nothing that can adequately compete with a gathering of family and friends in the cozy comfort of your outdoor spaces when those spaces are lit and warmed by a toasty fire.   The cherished memories created in these moments when loved ones come together make the best gifts of all.

Replicate These Multi-Million Dollar Backyards!

1721 Coldwater Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Photo by Coldwell Banker Previews International

I recently read an article titled Pools, Patios, and Gardens to Die For which featured some pretty spectacular homes. The $25 million Aspen, CO home includes a patio, heated pool, and breathtaking mountain view. For ONLY $4.8  million, you could go with the Beverly Hills home with a custom fire pit, pool, and hot tub (pictured above). These homes and backyards are gorgeous, but they are also out of the price range for most Americans. Recreate these scenes at your own home with the products below!

  • Steamer Deck Chairs are a beautiful way to lounge pool side. They will create a similar look to the Aspen home’s pool area. They offer a multi-position back, beautiful durability, and exceptional strength in their Eucalyptus frame. They will last for years and are a great investment. Add your favorite cushions for colorful custom look.
  • The Malibu home mentioned in the article above ($3 million) features an sprawling garden and impressive greenhouse. Create a stunning garden at your own home with the addition of pergolas, garden arbors, and hobby greenhouses. Flowering and lush green plants will create an eye catching escape.
  • Love the pirate ship play house in the Westlake Village home? Add a wooden swing set with tons of features to create fun and adventure for your little ones. A rope ladder, monkey bars, rock wall, telescope, steering wheel, and spiral slides will encourage creative play and healthy exercise year round.
  • Custom fire pits, like the one in the multi-million dollar Beverly Hills home, can cost thousands of dollars to install. Produce a warm, inviting atmosphere on your patio with an easy to use, pre-built fire pit or fire bowl. They are affordable, durable, and easy to operate.

Steamer Deck Chairs Hobby Greenhouse Kit Swing Set Kit Fire Pit

Create Campfire Fun With Outdoor Fire Pits

 Fire Pits and Fire Bowls

The nights are growing deliciously cooler, and it’s the best time of year to let your senses soak up the seasonal changes.  One of the best outdoor smells in the fall months is that of a campfire, and creating your own backyard campfire is as easy as loading up the Outdoor Fire Pit with the proper fuel and setting it ablaze.   Outdoor fire pits are an ideal place around which friends and family can gather for cozy evenings of storytelling, marshmallow toasting, and star-gazing.  Most fire pits come with spark guards so you’ll never have to be concerned about fire hazard from flying sparks.  Plus, a spark guard makes it safer to sit closer to the warmth of the fire pit when those fall temperatures turn especially crisp.

Fire Bowls For a Toasty Fall Patio

Terra Cotta Fire BowlFire Bowl

If you enjoy spending fall evenings outside on your porch or patio like my family does, a fire bowl is perfect for you! Also known as fire pits, these outdoor heaters are the perfect addition to keep you toasty while adding a big punch of style. They give you the feel and warmth of a real wood fire crackling anytime and anywhere you choose. Fire pits are great for your backyard, the beach, or most any outdoor gathering. They are available in a variety of price ranges and styles. You can find fire bowls that depict wildlife themes, showcase stylized ornate metals, or feature your favorite college team’s logo. Some even double as a grill! They are attractive, portable, and easy to clean. You NEED one for your backyard!

Safe Backyard Campfires Increase Family Fun

Fire Ring

One of the most attractive parts of camping in the woods is enjoying a blazing campfire and all that it inspires…campfire songs, roasted marshmallows, and family togetherness.  Packing up the car with tents, food, sleeping bags, and all the other accoutrements of camping can be time consuming, though, and it’s not always worth it to do all that work for just a night or two of camping out in the woods.

If the campfire is what you love most about camping, then consider camping out in the backyard.  Set up the tents and sleeping bags behind your house, and create your own safe backyard campfire with a fire bowl, fire pit, or fire ring.  All of these choices do the job of containing a fire and make it easy to extinguish the fire once it’s time to pack it in for the night.  Most fire bowls, fire pits, and fire rings are portable, so you can still take them on a traditional camping trip in the woods or to a bonfire on the beach.  S’mores, anyone?