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One Hot Solution for Summer Staycations

Thanks to record-high fuel prices, many families are choosing to vacation at home this summer rather than spend hard-earned cash filling up the gas tank.  One of the most popular additions homeowners are bringing to their backyards to create an at-home vacation experience is a fire ring.

Fire RingFire rings are generally constructed of durable cast iron, and the most appealing ones come apart panel by panel so they can be stored away easily or transported from backyard to campsite.  A fire ring brings warmth to any outdoor setting, and it invites gatherings of friends and family to cozy up for marshmallow roasting, song singing, and story telling.  Some fire rings even come equipped with a cooking grate on which you can roast campfire fare like hot dogs, burgers, and potatoes.

Vacations at home don’t require much work or preparation, and they go a long way toward saving homeowners money.  Fire rings offer one solution for creating a summer “staycation” that’s affordable and memorable.

Cooking in a chiminea?


Fun fire… campfires, bonfires, and that long gone but lovingly remembered autumn ritual of leaf burning by the curbside… can still be yours through the noble chiminea,  the popular outdoor potbelly fireplace.

Chimineas are not care-free devices.  They need a certain amount of ongoing maintenance to guarantee the longest life.  Hopefully, you will read this before you buy one so that you can make an informed purchase.

What is a chiminea?

Originating in Mexico in the 17th century, the original chimineas were used to bake bread.  As with the originals, modern chimineas are handmade from raw, wet clay,  giving each chiminea its own personality.  They are actually made from two pieces… the chimney or “stack” made separately from the wood chamber or “base”.  After a short period of air drying, they are joined together to make a seemingly seamless fireplace!

The formed chiminea is allowed to air dry for a few more days and then is baked in a 900+  degree kiln.  Allowing enough drying time as important since chimineas placed into the kiln while too wet will invariably crack.  After thorough cooling, the outside is painted to give a rustic-looking, almost antique appearance.  (Personally, I like the some of the new styles that are made of cast iron because they are resistant to chips, cracks and fading.)

What can be burned in a chiminea?

The chiminea is primarily a wood-burning stove.  Hard woods burn best and produce the least amount of sparks.  Some chiminea users who cook in their chimineas burn charcoal.    One safe way is to first burn some hard wood to form wood coals, which in turn are hot enough to light the charcoal.  You could also use self-lighting charcoal.

Chimineas are for outdoor use only!

Safe Backyard Campfires Increase Family Fun

Fire Ring

One of the most attractive parts of camping in the woods is enjoying a blazing campfire and all that it inspires…campfire songs, roasted marshmallows, and family togetherness.  Packing up the car with tents, food, sleeping bags, and all the other accoutrements of camping can be time consuming, though, and it’s not always worth it to do all that work for just a night or two of camping out in the woods.

If the campfire is what you love most about camping, then consider camping out in the backyard.  Set up the tents and sleeping bags behind your house, and create your own safe backyard campfire with a fire bowl, fire pit, or fire ring.  All of these choices do the job of containing a fire and make it easy to extinguish the fire once it’s time to pack it in for the night.  Most fire bowls, fire pits, and fire rings are portable, so you can still take them on a traditional camping trip in the woods or to a bonfire on the beach.  S’mores, anyone?

Which One Do You Think Makes The Best Holiday Gift?

Wildlife Motif Fire Pit

Trying to find the perfect holiday gift for my favorite uncle???? He is an avid outdoor sportsman yet he also loves to entertain guests in his backyard even on the coldest winter weekends! My choices are between a Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit or an Aspen Outdoor Fireplace.   Check these out and let me know what your vote is!

Are You Using YOUR Backyard?

Outdoor Firepit

Why retreat to the warmth of the indoors once the weather turns chilly when you can warm up on your deck or patio with one of our many styles of beautiful and affordable Outdoor Fireplaces Stay cozy in the crispness of autumn and winter, and enjoy outdoor meals all year round — Outdoor Fireplaces help extend the time you can use your patio, deck, or backyard.

You may also consider bringing distinction to your patio, deck, or backyard with a unique Chimineas. The chiminea was originally designed and constructed by Mexican artisans to be used as a bread oven, but its charm and beauty have enchanted people for centuries. Today, the chiminea is still a favorite choice for providing warmth during cooler weather.

Alternatively, Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits are a decorative way to get the feel and warmth of a real wood fire crackling in your own backyard. Many outdoor fireplaces even come equipped with wheels for easy portability, so you can quickly move your fireplace from deck to patio to pool side. You may even wish to take your outdoor fireplace with you on your next vacation!

Going camping? Roast marshmallows and hot dogs during your next camping trip when you bring along one of our sturdy, easy to assemble Fire Rings A fire ring is a safe way to contain a camp fire and can be used year-round.

Attractive and simple to clean,  many outdoor fireplaces create a slow burn for a warmer, longer lasting heat without sparking embers. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit burns wood, charcoal, or pressed wood logs.