One Hot Solution for Summer Staycations

Thanks to record-high fuel prices, many families are choosing to vacation at home this summer rather than spend hard-earned cash filling up the gas tank.  One of the most popular additions homeowners are bringing to their backyards to create an at-home vacation experience is a fire ring.

Fire RingFire rings are generally constructed of durable cast iron, and the most appealing ones come apart panel by panel so they can be stored away easily or transported from backyard to campsite.  A fire ring brings warmth to any outdoor setting, and it invites gatherings of friends and family to cozy up for marshmallow roasting, song singing, and story telling.  Some fire rings even come equipped with a cooking grate on which you can roast campfire fare like hot dogs, burgers, and potatoes.

Vacations at home don’t require much work or preparation, and they go a long way toward saving homeowners money.  Fire rings offer one solution for creating a summer “staycation” that’s affordable and memorable.

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