Store Your Firewood Properly Now & Enjoy Toasty Winter Days Ahead

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If you plan to chop and prepare your own logs for upcoming winter fires, or if you’re like me and prefer to have locally prepared firewood delivered to your door, you’ll need some place to store it.  Here are some tips for properly storing your winter firewood:

  • Keep it handy, but away from your house.  Firewood can attract pests, and if logs are kept next to the house, those critters may find easy ways to enter your home or cause damage to your home’s exterior.  The best place to keep your logs is near the fence or next to the shed or other outdoor storage building — close and convenient, but not so close that you’ll be inviting unexpected “guests” into your home.  Never spray your firewood with pesticides to deter insects because burning these logs in the fireplace will create harmful toxic vapors. 
  • Keep it protected.  In order to burn efficiently, firewood needs to stay dry.  One option is to store your firewood inside your shed or in another covered outdoor structure.  Or, you could do what I do and cover the wood pile with a simple tarp.  They are inexpensive and can be tied down to prevent them from blowing away.  If your firewood is stored in a place on your property that is not visible to passersby, then covering it with a tarp will not damage your home’s “curb appeal.”
    Log Rack
  • Keep it elevated.  If stored directly on the ground, firewood can soak up moisture and attract pests.  Storing your firewood in a sturdy Firewood Rack, or Log Rack, will keep your logs elevated, promoting air circulation and deterring pesky pests and wood rot.  Log Racks come in multiple sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits the space in which you plan to store your logs.

Properly storing your firewood now will ensure that you have enough good firewood to last you through the whole winter.  So, get ready to cozy up next to the fireplace with a warm buddy, and don’t forget the hot chocolate — extra marshmallows, please!

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