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Infrared Patio Heaters Warm YOU, Not the Air!

Infrared Patio Heater
If you are looking for a powerful way to heat up your deck or patio, I have got a solution for you! Noone enjoys being cooped up indoors during the winter months, but sometimes the cold makes outdoor activities unbearable. Infrared patio heaters will solve this dilemma! Infrared heaters use infrared waves to heat the object or material in the path of the heater. This means that instead of heating the surrounding air like traditional heat sources, infrared heaters warm objects (including you) directly. You can find varieties that are permanently mounted onto your porch or moveable and portable options. Infrared heaters are safe because there is no gas or open flames to worry about. This is the only form of heat that doesn’t blow away so they are perfect for windy areas. You are guaranteed to stay warm during those chilly nights.

Lamp Style Patio Heaters Provide Unique Heat!

New Orleans Lamp Style Patio Heater

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful way to heat your outdoor porch or patio during the cooler fall and winter months, I have got a great suggestion for you. Lamp style electric patio heaters are amazing! Available in both tabletop and floor varieties, these heaters look like a decorative lamp and plug into any standard outlet. They are energy efficient and designed to warm an area up to 12 feet wide with their gentle heat waves. They are even designed to be weather resistant. Your guests will be amazed that they are warm and comfy because of your lamp! It is such a beautiful alternative to classic outdoor heaters.

Fire Bowls For a Toasty Fall Patio

Terra Cotta Fire BowlFire Bowl

If you enjoy spending fall evenings outside on your porch or patio like my family does, a fire bowl is perfect for you! Also known as fire pits, these outdoor heaters are the perfect addition to keep you toasty while adding a big punch of style. They give you the feel and warmth of a real wood fire crackling anytime and anywhere you choose. Fire pits are great for your backyard, the beach, or most any outdoor gathering. They are available in a variety of price ranges and styles. You can find fire bowls that depict wildlife themes, showcase stylized ornate metals, or feature your favorite college team’s logo. Some even double as a grill! They are attractive, portable, and easy to clean. You NEED one for your backyard!

Businesses Benefit from Commercial Patio Heaters

Patio Heaters Provide Heat and Revenue to Outdoor Restaurants, Cafes, & Bistros

As of November 2009, 35 states in the U.S. have enacted statewide bans on smoking in most, if not all, enclosed public places, including restaurants and, in many cases, bars.  During the summer, smokers can sit outside on patios, decks, or in gardens. But when the weather turns cold, and until it grows warmer in the evening hours, many smokers may prefer to stay home rather than dine out, which can significantly damage the restaurant business.  In response to this problem, more and more owners and managers in the restaurant industry are investing in business with Heaters. By using patio heaters, restaurants and bars can help their smoking customers feel welcome and warm and prevent drops in their revenues during the colder seasons.

Patio Heater Fuel Types

There are three fuel types used to power patio heaters: natural gas, propane, and electricity. For restaurants, natural gas could be the ideal option because the heater hooks up to the gas lines and never needs refueling. Natural gas heaters cannot be moved, however. If you plan to move the heater, for catering or other purposes, propane heaters may be the ideal option. Propane patio heaters run on tanks and can be set up in just a few minutes.

Common Patio Heater Safety Features

Of course, safety is a significant consideration for businesses. Many patio heaters are built with this concern in mind, so they come with excellent safety features. One important feature is an automatic emergency shut off. If the patio heater overturns, or is even jostled too vigorously, it automatically turns off. Another common feature is a piezo electric starter, which does not require a pilot light.

Patio Heater Options — How To Choose

When looking through the various commercial grade heaters, one of the most important considerations is the heater’s power, which is rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs). The average heater rates at about 45,000 BTUs, enough to make a 20 foot heat circle.  Keep in mind the size of your outdoor eating and gathering space; this will determine if more than one patio heater would be needed to maintain a warm and comfortable environment for your customers.  Another factor to consider is style. The heater should fit comfortably with the decor of your establishment, whether traditional or modern. Some models, for example, are reminiscent of a classic iron lamp post and bring a traditional elegance to the environment.  Other models offer a more sleek, modern, even futuristic appearance.

Important Tips For Patio Heaters

If you plan on moving the heater, choosing a patio heater with wheels would be the best choice. The wheels are often hidden, and so they will not affect appearance.

Having too much wind where you put the heater can adversely affect its performance. This problem can be solved rather easily, though, by using screens, shades, or other wind breakers.

An Asset to Restaurants

Patio heaters have no doubt proven their value to restaurants and bars.  Fortunately, as their popularity has increased in recent years, their price has decreased considerably. So it is now easier than ever to use patio heaters to help your business maintain old patrons and gain new ones.

I’m Dreaming of Spring

I have hardly stepped outside all winter except for an occasional walk with my beagle and sheetzu because it is FREEZING here. I miss sitting on my cozy back porch while the morning sun warms my face. I tell myself it will be worth the long winter months indoors. Come Spring come. In the meantime, I have my trusty patio heater. An outdoor infrared patio heater gives me a moment to breath in some fresh air in spite of the winter cold.