Patio Heater - Outdoor Portable Patio Heaters

Patio Heater - Outdoor Portable Patio Heaters

Residential & Commercial Outdoor Patio Heating with Electric, Propane & Infrared Heat

Stay toasty on your deck or patio during even the coldest evenings with one of our high quality, safe to use commercial or residential Patio Heaters. Entertain your guests comfortable on a frosty day, or cuddle up on your heated patio while the kids build a snowman in the yard. Our Patio Heaters allow you to enjoy your outdoor living spaces year round.

The heaters we offer were created by leading designers of contemporary garden and outdoor lifestyle accessories. Our patio heaters are not only very attractive and easy to maintain, they are also solidly constructed and very safe to use. The free-standing heaters are larger (about 95 inches tall) and more powerful than the table-top heaters. Table-top heaters, though, because they are lighter and smaller, are much easier to carry around wherever you want to go. To warm a larger area, you might want to try one of our free-standing commercial grade heaters.

The Commercial Heaters we offer use one of the most technologically-advanced heating heads. As a result, our professional heaters are preferred by business owners or by those who like to entertain outdoors frequently. The heating head used in our Commercial Heaters, versus our Residential Heaters, usually consumes less energy for a given heat effect and are generally more durable in construction. Over time and with more use, a commercial-grade heater will cost less to operate than a residential patio heater.

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