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A Hot Idea for Increasing Restaurant Traffic this Season

Commercial Patio Heater

Restaurant owners and managers would agree that the struggling economy isn’t helping to increase business in their establishments.  Now that colder weather is on the way, restaurants and cafes that rely at least partially on patios and other outdoor spaces for serving hungry customers may see an even more dramatic decrease in business.

Preventing this double whammy to the bottom lines of restaurants all over the country can be as simple as ensuring that outdoor dining spaces remain comfortable for patrons, even when temperatures plummet.  Setting up commercial patio heaters throughout patio dining areas is one easy solution for providing comfortable warmth on frigid days.  By taking this step, restaurant owners and managers can increase the likelihood that patrons who might normally stay home to dine on cold days will decide instead to enjoy their dinner al fresco thanks to the warm glow of a commercial patio heater.

BackyardCity Pumpkin Contest – YOU Could Win A Great Prize!

BackyardCity.com is having an employee pumpkin carving contest, and we need your help! When pumpkins are turned in on Tuesday, October 25th, we will open voting to the public and let our customers and fans choose the best design. As a treat to you, we will also randomly pull a name from all voters. You may vote for multiple entries, but only one vote per person will be used in the drawing! The winner of this drawing will get his or her choice of the one of the products below – just for voting! The poll will be open Tuesday, October 25th  at 12:00 pm (Noon) and close Sunday, October 30th at 12:00 am (Midnight). The winner of  both contests (employee and voter) will be announced on Halloween (October 31st). Check back for more info closer to the 25th. Remind all of your friends and family to follow us on Twitter (BackyardCityTN) and Like us on Facebook so that they can participate, too!

Winner may choose any ONE of the following prizes:

Tailgating/Beer Pong Table

Deck Companion Electric Fireplace

Lagoon Outdoor Patio Lights

Hammock Recliner

6×6 Square Market Umbrella w/ Sunbrella Canopy(Light Wood Pole and Canvas Canopy)

Capel Finesse Garden Maze Outdoor Rug – 3ft 11in x 5ft 6in (Leaf Green)

Stainless Steel Electric Patio Heater

Unique Infrared Patio Heaters

Umbrella Infrared Patio Heater
If you are looking for a way to add some warmth to your porch or patio this fall and winter, infrared heating is the way to go. These heaters use infrared heat waves to heat the object or material in the path of the heater. In other words, the object is heated directly by the infrared waves, rather than by the surrounding air. You can find infrared heaters that attach to the wall or are freestanding, but one very cool way to use infrared heat is with your patio umbrella! Umbrella infrared patio heaters attach to any standard umbrella center pole and run off of standard household current. The heater does not create any harmful emissions or toxic residuals, making it safe AND effective. It is a stylish and modern way to extend the time that you can spend outdoors this year.

Infrared Patio Heaters Warm YOU, Not the Air!

Infrared Patio Heater
If you are looking for a powerful way to heat up your deck or patio, I have got a solution for you! Noone enjoys being cooped up indoors during the winter months, but sometimes the cold makes outdoor activities unbearable. Infrared patio heaters will solve this dilemma! Infrared heaters use infrared waves to heat the object or material in the path of the heater. This means that instead of heating the surrounding air like traditional heat sources, infrared heaters warm objects (including you) directly. You can find varieties that are permanently mounted onto your porch or moveable and portable options. Infrared heaters are safe because there is no gas or open flames to worry about. This is the only form of heat that doesn’t blow away so they are perfect for windy areas. You are guaranteed to stay warm during those chilly nights.

Sneaky Solution: Patio Heaters in Disguise


Decorative Patio Heaters

Staying cozy and warm on the back patio or deck on chilly days and nights can be as easy as cranking up the Patio Decorative Patio HeatersHeater.  That delicious warmth makes December dinners al fresco an inviting idea.  With their traditionally sleek and contemporary appearance, though, patio heaters don’t always appeal to homeowners who like to maintain a consistent decorating style in their outdoor spaces.  The smart (and sneaky) solution is a patio heater that looks like a beautiful floor or table lamp.

Rather than using propane or natural gas, decorative patio heaters are usually electrically powered, so hiding unsightly tanks or hoses is not an issue.  With weather resistant hardware, the lamp-style patio heater is intended for outdoor use, but some models can also be used safely indoors.  Either way, this patio heater blends beautifully into the existing decor rather than standing out as an unwanted focal point.