Sneaky Solution: Patio Heaters in Disguise


Decorative Patio Heaters

Staying cozy and warm on the back patio or deck on chilly days and nights can be as easy as cranking up the Patio Decorative Patio HeatersHeater.  That delicious warmth makes December dinners al fresco an inviting idea.  With their traditionally sleek and contemporary appearance, though, patio heaters don’t always appeal to homeowners who like to maintain a consistent decorating style in their outdoor spaces.  The smart (and sneaky) solution is a patio heater that looks like a beautiful floor or table lamp.

Rather than using propane or natural gas, decorative patio heaters are usually electrically powered, so hiding unsightly tanks or hoses is not an issue.  With weather resistant hardware, the lamp-style patio heater is intended for outdoor use, but some models can also be used safely indoors.  Either way, this patio heater blends beautifully into the existing decor rather than standing out as an unwanted focal point.

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