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Spruce Up a Room in One Easy Step — Paint Not Required

Affordable Redecorating Does Not Require Paint

The floor may be one of the most neglected areas when it comes to decorating. Adding an area rug to the floor has just as much impact on a room, though, as adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Area rugs define a space more effectively than furniture alone, and they help tie together the various elements in a room to make it feel like a unified whole.

Outdoor Rugs for Indoor DecoratingConsider using an outdoor rug for your indoor redecorating. Outdoor rugs are an ideal choice to use as indoor area rugs, especially in high traffic areas of the home. Outdoor rugs are made with durable materials that can stand up to all kinds of abuse, but they are just as beautiful and soft to the touch as traditional indoor rugs. They are much easier to clean than indoor rugs, which gives them yet another advantage over standard indoor area rugs.

Sprucing up a room in your home doesn’t always require spending loads of money or splashing on a new coat of paint. A simple addition, like an outdoor rug, might be all that is needed to freshen a room and give it new life.

BackyardCity Pumpkin Contest – YOU Could Win A Great Prize!

BackyardCity.com is having an employee pumpkin carving contest, and we need your help! When pumpkins are turned in on Tuesday, October 25th, we will open voting to the public and let our customers and fans choose the best design. As a treat to you, we will also randomly pull a name from all voters. You may vote for multiple entries, but only one vote per person will be used in the drawing! The winner of this drawing will get his or her choice of the one of the products below – just for voting! The poll will be open Tuesday, October 25th  at 12:00 pm (Noon) and close Sunday, October 30th at 12:00 am (Midnight). The winner of  both contests (employee and voter) will be announced on Halloween (October 31st). Check back for more info closer to the 25th. Remind all of your friends and family to follow us on Twitter (BackyardCityTN) and Like us on Facebook so that they can participate, too!

Winner may choose any ONE of the following prizes:

Tailgating/Beer Pong Table

Deck Companion Electric Fireplace

Lagoon Outdoor Patio Lights

Hammock Recliner

6×6 Square Market Umbrella w/ Sunbrella Canopy(Light Wood Pole and Canvas Canopy)

Capel Finesse Garden Maze Outdoor Rug – 3ft 11in x 5ft 6in (Leaf Green)

Stainless Steel Electric Patio Heater

3 Easy and Affordable Ways to Breathe Life into Blah Rooms

It seems inevitable that when funds are tight, the desire to redecorate overcomes me like a wildfire out of control.  Right now, my focus is on the dining room.  The dining room table and chairs are older than my marriage, but they’re still in fairly decent shape.  While I would love to replace them with a newer, sturdier dining set that complements my current tastes, which have changed over the years, I simply can’t afford the expense right now.  So, how does one breathe new life into a tired-looking room without spending the kind of money that would make a thrifty spouse (like mine) pass out? 

Here are three easy and inexpensive changes most homeowners can make to spruce up any room: 

  • Paint — While it may sound cliché, a fresh coat of paint really does help a “blah” room become a “wow” room.  Don’t be afraid of bold colors, either, especially in a dining room, bathroom, or guest room.  Colors with a little punch to them can add a lot of character to existing decor.
  • Plants — Whether real or fake, plants in decorative pots or baskets fill empty space and bring the natural beauty of the outdoors to indoor rooms.  Plants offer visual interest, and they solve a number of decorating challenges.  Not sure what to put on that high shelf or awkward ledge?  Can’t think of what to use for a centerpiece on the dining room table?  Plants will often do the trick.
  • Area rugs — Placing an area rug in a dining room, sitting area, bedroom, or hallway can make an enormous difference in the look of the room.  Area rugs can be subtle or bold in color and design.  Either way, they provide a decorative theme in a room, define a space more effectively than furniture alone, and help to dress up the decor that is already there. 
    Outdoor Rugs
    In a dining room and in other high-traffic, mess-prone areas, the best choice for an area rug is an outdoor rug.  Today’s outdoor rugs come in just as many color options and designs as indoor area rugs.  The difference is that outdoor rugs are exceptionally durable and can be very easily cleaned.  Small spots can be removed with mild soap and warm water, but outdoor rugs also can be taken outside and squirted with a hose to wash away heavier dirt or stains. 

When the primal urge to redecorate threatens to overtake your own good senses, avoid the desire to chuck everything in the room and start from scratch.  Instead, try one or more of these easy and affordable decor pick-me-ups.  You might find that a small change or two is all that you need to feel satisfied again with your home.

Add Bright, Beautiful Bursts of Color to Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas are often decorated in the calm, peaceful colors of nature. While these tones and color schemes are peaceful, why not make a bold statement in your outdoor area? Modern outdoor areas can have exciting pops of color and eye-catching patterns to fit your style and flair! Try one or more of these ideas to bring some excitement to your porch, patio, or outdoor room!

  • Cabana Stripe Outdoor Rugs are made of the great polypropylene  material that all Capel outdoor rugs feature, but they come in varying colors of bold stripes. Celery green, navy, red, or black stripes create great contrast and will hold up to everything that Mother Nature has to offer. They are fade, mold, and mildew resistant so the color will stay intense for many years to come!

  • Porch swings are a wonderful retreat after hectic, stressful days. You can add vibrant beauty to your easy swinging with Adirondack swings in various eye-catching colors! The swing pictured below is made in the USA and is both durable and environmentally friendly. It is made of 90% recycled materials. No matter which color you choose, from Aruba Blue to Mango, you will know that your swing can stand up to anything. No one would ever accuse THIS swing of being boring!

  • Bright, exciting patio umbrellas are perfect for fun and function. Enjoy your backyard or the beach from sun up to sun down without having to worry about the sun’s harsh rays. There are colors and patterns available to match any and every taste and desire. No more squinting or suffering harsh, aging sun burns. These beautiful umbrellas have got you covered! Exotic colors like the lime green “Parrot”, bright “Sunflower Yellow”, and dreamy “Air Blue” make sure that your umbrella will stand out like no other!

South Beach Rugs Add Elegance to Outdoors

South Beach Rug - Parrot
If you are looking for the perfect outdoor rug to add style and class to your porch, patio, outdoor room, or pool side, I have a lovely suggestion. South Beach outdoor rugs are classically beautiful and can stand up to any and everything that the environment offers. Sunlight and fade resistant, it is perfect for all outdoor areas. You can even use it on high traffic indoor areas! It is beautiful enough to use anywhere in or around your home. Spills wipe away easily with a damp cloth and warm water. South Beach rugs are available in rectangular and runner shapes and a variety of sizes and Sunbrella border patterns. They are custom-made to order so your rug will be one of a kind! Aren’t you ready to add some sophistication to your outdoor area?

South Beach Rug - Black (weave closeup)

Weave Close up