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Smart Solution: Outdoor Rugs for Cleaner Kitchens and Dining Areas

Outdoor Rugs for Indoor Use

One of the most common places to find an area rug inside the home is in the kitchen or dining area.  Whether that rug is under the dining table, next to the kitchen sink, or at the door that leads outside, there’s little doubt that it sees a good deal of action.  Spills, splashes, and dirty shoes add up quickly to create a dingy rug that looks like it always needs a wash.

Smaller area rugs purchased in a big box store don’t usually wash well and tend to fall apart after just a few times in the washing machine.  Larger area rugs require spot cleaning or the rental of a steam cleaner.  To get the job done most effectively, homeowners find that hiring a professional carpet cleaner is sometimes necessary.

A smart solution for this common dilemma is to replace indoor area rugs with Outdoor Rugs.  Outdoor rugs, while initially intended to help dress up outdoor spaces, have enormous potential as indoor rugs, too.  Today’s outdoor rugs have beautiful designs that complement just about every indoor decor, and, because they can be used outdoors, they are waterproof, incredibly rugged, and easy to clean.  Spills and dirt wipe away with a damp cloth, and particularly dirty rugs can be taken outside, squirted with a hose, and left to air dry.

Outdoor Rugs Offer Strength and Beauty!

Outdoor Rugs

I am sure that you have rugs inside your house, but have you even considered adding a large rug your porch, patio, or pool area? Outdoor rugs can be a great addition to your home! They are designed to stand up to wear and tear from the weather, pets, and children and are soil, stain, and fade resistant. Usually made of weather resistant polypropylene (also known as Olefin), they are also very easy to clean. Under normal use, you only have to hose the rug off and let it air dry. For tough stains, mild soap and water are all that are required. They are perfect in outdoor rooms, which are becoming ever so popular. Simply put up a pergola, add some nice outdoor curtains and rugs, and patio furniture and, you will have a cozy place to escape to!

While outdoor rugs are specifically designed to stand up to the environment outside, they can also be a beautiful addition to any indoor room. They are perfect for the kitchen and other high traffic/spill prone areas of the home. You can choose from a vast assortment of fabric borders to help your rug match any room of your house.

Whether you to place an all-weather rug inside or outside of your home, it will surely add versatility, durability, and style!

Outdoor Rugs – Versatility and Beauty

Want to spruce up your outdoor room, patio, or deck?  An outdoor rug just may be the answer.  Outdoor rugs made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene, also known as olefin, are extremely strong and weather resistant.  They are also resistant to stains, mildew, and fading, making them a practical choice for any outdoor space.  Outdoor rugs give a softer, more comfortable indoor feel to any outdoor area.

Today’s outdoor rugs are really beautiful, too, boasting decorative borders and patterns that rival any indoor rug.  In fact, many people choose to use outdoor rugs in their indoor spaces because of their durability and visual appeal.  Use a smaller rug as a welcome mat and a larger one underneath the dining room table to define the space.  Outdoor rugs are ideal for busy entry ways, hallways, kitchens, and living areas, too.  Cleaning an outdoor rug is a breeze.  Spray the rug with a hose and allow it to air dry.  Tough stains require only a mild detergent and warm water for cleaning.

Whether used in outdoor or indoor spaces, an outdoor rug can significantly improve appearances as well as invite more frequent use.


How to Clean Your Outdoor Rug

Outdoor Rugs

Cleaning your all weather rug is a breeze. Just hose them off and let them air dry. For tougher stains, mild soap and water are all that is required. Olefin with Sunbrella fabric borders with mitered corners are easy to clean too.  For porches, verandas or busy areas of the house, spills wipe away with damp cloth and warm water. They can be washed with a water hose for heavy soiling. Most outdoor rugs are sunlight resistant, fade resistant, and non-allergenic.

Outdoor Rugs For Your Outside Living Spaces

Outdoor Rugs

Decorators have fallen in love with All Weather Indoor /Outdoor Rugs for their beauty and versatility. Homeowners love these attractive, durable accent pieces because they can take abuse from weather, children, pets, and they are incredibly easy to clean.  All Weather Rugs are usually made of weather-resistant polypropylene also known as Olefin. Most are ecologically friendly Bamboo Rugs with  non-skid latex backing for safety. Most outdoor rugs  are soil, stain, and fade resistant, and they look just as good indoors as they do outside.

Treat your outdoor deck, patio, or covered porch like another room in your home. Use an all weather rug to define a seating area and provide a little underfoot comfort at the same time. Many outdoor rugs come in a wide variety of sizes, so you are sure to find a size and style for your front or back porch, entry way, dining room, living room, or deck. For a dining area, you’ll need about 4 feet larger on each side of your dining table to accommodate chairs without feeling cramped.

Cleaning your all weather rug is a breeze. Just hose them off and let them air dry. For tougher stains, mild soap and water are all that is required.