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Garden Torches Give Soft, Elegant Light to Your Backyard

Garden torches are a lovely way to add soft lighting to your backyard, garden, poolside, or other outdoor area. Traditional grass style tiki torches can seem “done” and do not stand up well to the elements of nature. Change it up! We offer a variety of tiki, pole, and fire pot style garden torches. All of our materials are designed to remain beautiful for years to come. They are inexpensive to buy and operate. Most operate off standard lamp oil and citronella oil can be substituted to give you the added bonus of insect control. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and designs so you will be able to match any outdoor décor.

Spruce Up Your Garden for Early Spring

Spring has sprung early in many parts of the country. Plants and flowers are blooming weeks earlier than expected and many have already started tending their gardens. Now is a great time to add some fun and decorative touches. Here are a few ideas for adding color, whimsy, and function to your garden or backyard area.

  • Flutterby Solar Garden Accessories use solar power to give the impression of colorful insects in flight. Direct sunlight on the Flutterby solar panels make the colorful butterfly and dragonflies flit around your flowers and shrubs. Each insect measure 3.1 inches from wing to wing and they come in red, purple, yellow, blue, and green.

  • Solar Chameleon Gazing Ball adds a touch of beauty and style to your garden. It has a solar panel hidden discreetly within that gives its dual light settings their bright light. The White Mode features 2 bright white LEDs, and the Chameleon Mode cycles through a spectrum of colors. It comes on automatically during dark periods of the day and offers up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. There is no wiring required – only the power of the sun!

If Only I Had More Light…

Indoor Outdoor Solar Light

Finding what you need in the storage shed, garden shed, garage, or other dark space can be a challenge when you don’t have the benefit of light by which to see clearly.  Many homeowners simply live with the situation because the hassle and expense that comes with installing electrical wiring for outdoor light fixtures is not pretty.

Surprisingly, solar lighting can offer an easy and inexpensive solution to the problem of dark storage spaces.  The Solar Multi Light is one example of a solar-powered light that can be used in indoor spaces.  As long as the included solar panel is mounted in a sunny area outside, the actual light can be used in any indoor space where extra light is needed.  

Solar lighting, in general, is attractive to many homeowners because no wiring needs to be installed, and electrical costs are zero.  Solar lights have evolved over time, too, to provide more light for longer periods of time, making them ideal for any number of outdoor applications.  Homeowners concerned with appearance can also appreciate the many attractive styles in which solar lighting is now available.


BackyardCity Pumpkin Contest – YOU Could Win A Great Prize!

BackyardCity.com is having an employee pumpkin carving contest, and we need your help! When pumpkins are turned in on Tuesday, October 25th, we will open voting to the public and let our customers and fans choose the best design. As a treat to you, we will also randomly pull a name from all voters. You may vote for multiple entries, but only one vote per person will be used in the drawing! The winner of this drawing will get his or her choice of the one of the products below – just for voting! The poll will be open Tuesday, October 25th  at 12:00 pm (Noon) and close Sunday, October 30th at 12:00 am (Midnight). The winner of  both contests (employee and voter) will be announced on Halloween (October 31st). Check back for more info closer to the 25th. Remind all of your friends and family to follow us on Twitter (BackyardCityTN) and Like us on Facebook so that they can participate, too!

Winner may choose any ONE of the following prizes:

Tailgating/Beer Pong Table

Deck Companion Electric Fireplace

Lagoon Outdoor Patio Lights

Hammock Recliner

6×6 Square Market Umbrella w/ Sunbrella Canopy(Light Wood Pole and Canvas Canopy)

Capel Finesse Garden Maze Outdoor Rug – 3ft 11in x 5ft 6in (Leaf Green)

Stainless Steel Electric Patio Heater

Solar Lighting for Your Backyard

Solar lighting is a great way to provide light sources to “off the grid” areas of your home, lawn, and outdoor structures, but it also lowers your environment footprint. Solar lighting is low maintenance and is usually very easy to install, requiring no power lines or additional sources. Your main concern with solar lighting is location! To ensure that the panel receives the most possible sunlight, it should be mounted on a south-facing slope (give or take 30 degrees off of south). The location should be left unshaded by any tree, or other solid structures. There is never any recurring cost (like electricity), no charging, and no use of resources other than the powerful rays of the sun. Below are a few examples of outdoor solar lighting options for your home. Do you use solar lighting? If so, how and where? We are always looking for great ideas to save money AND the environment.

Solar Shed Light

Solar Shed Light

Solar Security Light

Solar Security Light

Solar Lamp

Solar Lamp with Planter

Solar String Lights

Solar Star String Lights