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Garden Arbors Offer Wonderful Garden Whimsy

Wooden Garden Arbor
A world of wonderful whimsy awaits you in your own private garden escape. Adding a garden arbor or arch to your backyard can add elegance and class like nothing else. We offer metal and wooden options for every style. They can be painted to match any outdoor decor or left in their natural state to age beautifully. Add a gate or bench for even more style. They are great as decorative pieces, but you can also use your arbor to grow running vines and plants. We even have beautiful arch trellis, if you are looking for something smaller, but equally stunning.

Spruce Up Your Garden for Early Spring

Spring has sprung early in many parts of the country. Plants and flowers are blooming weeks earlier than expected and many have already started tending their gardens. Now is a great time to add some fun and decorative touches. Here are a few ideas for adding color, whimsy, and function to your garden or backyard area.

  • Flutterby Solar Garden Accessories use solar power to give the impression of colorful insects in flight. Direct sunlight on the Flutterby solar panels make the colorful butterfly and dragonflies flit around your flowers and shrubs. Each insect measure 3.1 inches from wing to wing and they come in red, purple, yellow, blue, and green.

  • Solar Chameleon Gazing Ball adds a touch of beauty and style to your garden. It has a solar panel hidden discreetly within that gives its dual light settings their bright light. The White Mode features 2 bright white LEDs, and the Chameleon Mode cycles through a spectrum of colors. It comes on automatically during dark periods of the day and offers up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. There is no wiring required – only the power of the sun!