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Spruce Up Your Garden for Early Spring

Spring has sprung early in many parts of the country. Plants and flowers are blooming weeks earlier than expected and many have already started tending their gardens. Now is a great time to add some fun and decorative touches. Here are a few ideas for adding color, whimsy, and function to your garden or backyard area.

  • Flutterby Solar Garden Accessories use solar power to give the impression of colorful insects in flight. Direct sunlight on the Flutterby solar panels make the colorful butterfly and dragonflies flit around your flowers and shrubs. Each insect measure 3.1 inches from wing to wing and they come in red, purple, yellow, blue, and green.

  • Solar Chameleon Gazing Ball adds a touch of beauty and style to your garden. It has a solar panel hidden discreetly within that gives its dual light settings their bright light. The White Mode features 2 bright white LEDs, and the Chameleon Mode cycles through a spectrum of colors. It comes on automatically during dark periods of the day and offers up to 8 hours of light each night when fully charged. There is no wiring required – only the power of the sun!

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I am not exaggerating when I say it has been raining here in Tennessee for the past week, non stop. I have begun to wonder why I keep seeing pairs of everything as I gaze out into my front yard – two dogs, a pair of robins, two squirrels chasing each other up my pin oak tree??

Now it is Monday morning and I am going to have to blame the weather for my tiredness…what else could it be? I slept all weekend BECAUSE of the rain!  One thing I did muster up the energy to do is go to the garden nursery store to get a myriad of lawn products that I am going to need once the rain finally stops. I have so much to do in my yard and I know many of you feel the same way.

One product I was looking at was a wheelbarrow. I didn’t realize how pricey those things can be! I passed on getting one primarily because I don’t have anywhere to store it and the new shoes I saw last week seemed like more of a necessity! Priorities, please! Anyway, today I when I got to the office I saw a new product we have just added to our expansive product portfolio. Check this out – I did and I just love it!  It is the Folding Wheelbarrow – awesome, sturdy, compact, inexpensive, and it won’t rust since you can fold it up and easily put it away.

Now, if it will just stop raining so I can use it.  Rain, Rain Go Away!