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Choosing the Right Porch Swing

Swing Bed
Looking for a new porch swing? You will be amazed at the variety offered at BYC. We have twin and full size swing beds available in variety of colors and finishes. They offer the ultimate in outdoor style and chic relaxation. We have several models of recycled plastic swings if you are looking for something environmentally friendly. Whether you choose a classic or Adirondack style design, you can be sure that you are doing your part for the environment by choosing this option. Our wooden varieties of porch swing, available in Cedar, Acacia, or beautifully finished hardwood, can give you a classic feel and stay sturdy for many years. We also offer pergolas and swing stands, so if you want to take your swing OFF the porch, you’ll be ready! They are also great for gardens, backyards, or outdoor rooms. Spend your afternoons swinging in style.

Add Bright, Beautiful Bursts of Color to Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas are often decorated in the calm, peaceful colors of nature. While these tones and color schemes are peaceful, why not make a bold statement in your outdoor area? Modern outdoor areas can have exciting pops of color and eye-catching patterns to fit your style and flair! Try one or more of these ideas to bring some excitement to your porch, patio, or outdoor room!

  • Cabana Stripe Outdoor Rugs are made of the great polypropylene  material that all Capel outdoor rugs feature, but they come in varying colors of bold stripes. Celery green, navy, red, or black stripes create great contrast and will hold up to everything that Mother Nature has to offer. They are fade, mold, and mildew resistant so the color will stay intense for many years to come!

  • Porch swings are a wonderful retreat after hectic, stressful days. You can add vibrant beauty to your easy swinging with Adirondack swings in various eye-catching colors! The swing pictured below is made in the USA and is both durable and environmentally friendly. It is made of 90% recycled materials. No matter which color you choose, from Aruba Blue to Mango, you will know that your swing can stand up to anything. No one would ever accuse THIS swing of being boring!

  • Bright, exciting patio umbrellas are perfect for fun and function. Enjoy your backyard or the beach from sun up to sun down without having to worry about the sun’s harsh rays. There are colors and patterns available to match any and every taste and desire. No more squinting or suffering harsh, aging sun burns. These beautiful umbrellas have got you covered! Exotic colors like the lime green “Parrot”, bright “Sunflower Yellow”, and dreamy “Air Blue” make sure that your umbrella will stand out like no other!

Porch Swings Rock Your Cares Away

What is it about rocking back and forth gently in a porch swing that takes us to that ultimate level of relaxation?  Does the movement remind us of being rocked as children by a loving caregiver?  Does the gentle sway send a signal to our brains to slow down and breathe deeply?  I cannot explain it, but I can attest to the positive effects that sitting in a porch swing has on my body.  My mind settles, muscles loosen, mood lightens.  And, it doesn’t matter if the day is snowy and cold or hazy and humid; as long as I am dressed for the season, there’s no where I’d rather be than sitting in my porch swing, feet dangling, cares melting away.

Swing Into Summer on a New Porch Swing

Pergola Porch Swing

The gentle sway of a porch swing can soothe you after a long day or provide a comfortable setting for an after dinner conversation. Porch swings are an ideal spot for reading the morning paper, or for sipping iced tea on a hot afternoon. Handcrafted porch swings and resin wicker porch swings will whisk you away to that idyllic spot you’ve been envisioning.

If your porch is too small for a porch swing, or if you don’t have a porch at all you can use a Pergola Swing Set, pictured above. They are stylish and sturdy free-standing swings that can provide all the romance and comfort of a traditional porch swing.

Many porch swings are handcrafted with Western Red Cedar or made with Resin Wicker. Both materials look just as beautiful and are durable and sturdy.

Start relaxing this spring and into the lazy days of summer on a beautiful porch swing.