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Swing Into Summer on a New Porch Swing

Pergola Porch Swing

The gentle sway of a porch swing can soothe you after a long day or provide a comfortable setting for an after dinner conversation. Porch swings are an ideal spot for reading the morning paper, or for sipping iced tea on a hot afternoon. Handcrafted porch swings and resin wicker porch swings will whisk you away to that idyllic spot you’ve been envisioning.

If your porch is too small for a porch swing, or if you don’t have a porch at all you can use a Pergola Swing Set, pictured above. They are stylish and sturdy free-standing swings that can provide all the romance and comfort of a traditional porch swing.

Many porch swings are handcrafted with Western Red Cedar or made with Resin Wicker. Both materials look just as beautiful and are durable and sturdy.

Start relaxing this spring and into the lazy days of summer on a beautiful porch swing.