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Add Bright, Beautiful Bursts of Color to Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor areas are often decorated in the calm, peaceful colors of nature. While these tones and color schemes are peaceful, why not make a bold statement in your outdoor area? Modern outdoor areas can have exciting pops of color and eye-catching patterns to fit your style and flair! Try one or more of these ideas to bring some excitement to your porch, patio, or outdoor room!

  • Cabana Stripe Outdoor Rugs are made of the great polypropylene  material that all Capel outdoor rugs feature, but they come in varying colors of bold stripes. Celery green, navy, red, or black stripes create great contrast and will hold up to everything that Mother Nature has to offer. They are fade, mold, and mildew resistant so the color will stay intense for many years to come!

  • Porch swings are a wonderful retreat after hectic, stressful days. You can add vibrant beauty to your easy swinging with Adirondack swings in various eye-catching colors! The swing pictured below is made in the USA and is both durable and environmentally friendly. It is made of 90% recycled materials. No matter which color you choose, from Aruba Blue to Mango, you will know that your swing can stand up to anything. No one would ever accuse THIS swing of being boring!

  • Bright, exciting patio umbrellas are perfect for fun and function. Enjoy your backyard or the beach from sun up to sun down without having to worry about the sun’s harsh rays. There are colors and patterns available to match any and every taste and desire. No more squinting or suffering harsh, aging sun burns. These beautiful umbrellas have got you covered! Exotic colors like the lime green “Parrot”, bright “Sunflower Yellow”, and dreamy “Air Blue” make sure that your umbrella will stand out like no other!

Wanted: Door Mats with Good Looks and Rugged Personalities

Outdoor Door Mats

Finding just the right door mat for your front or back porch, patio, or boat can be a head ache, and finding a door mat that will last for more than one season can be an even bigger challenge.  Over the course of a year, rain, mildew, insects, and heavy use can take their toll on even sturdy door mats, leaving them looking worn out and ragged far sooner than you had expected.

Paying close attention to the details when you buy your new door mat will pay off.  Look for a door mat that is made of 100% polypropylene — natural fibers are not the way to go if you want your door mat to last a long time.  Natural fibers attract insects and can mildew and deteriorate quickly in moist or humid areas.  Insects are not drawn to polypropylene, and the quality of this material is unaffected by moisture or harsh weather conditions.

Door mats made with tightly woven polypropylene are highly effective in removing a significant amount of debris from the bottoms of shoes as people wipe them on their way into a home.  These door mats stand up beautifully to years of vigorous foot traffic, and they continue to look good over the long haul because they are easy to clean and maintain.  Shake any loose debris from the door mats first, then squirt them with a hose to remove any caked on mud or other dirt.  Door mats air dry quickly and look as good as new.

One final tip:  If you are buying a door mat for in front of an entry way door, be sure that the mat is a little wider than the door itself.  A slightly wider door mat makes the entry way look larger and more welcoming.  Plus, it provides visitors with more area on which they can wipe their feet.

Outdoor Rugs Offer Strength and Beauty!

Outdoor Rugs

I am sure that you have rugs inside your house, but have you even considered adding a large rug your porch, patio, or pool area? Outdoor rugs can be a great addition to your home! They are designed to stand up to wear and tear from the weather, pets, and children and are soil, stain, and fade resistant. Usually made of weather resistant polypropylene (also known as Olefin), they are also very easy to clean. Under normal use, you only have to hose the rug off and let it air dry. For tough stains, mild soap and water are all that are required. They are perfect in outdoor rooms, which are becoming ever so popular. Simply put up a pergola, add some nice outdoor curtains and rugs, and patio furniture and, you will have a cozy place to escape to!

While outdoor rugs are specifically designed to stand up to the environment outside, they can also be a beautiful addition to any indoor room. They are perfect for the kitchen and other high traffic/spill prone areas of the home. You can choose from a vast assortment of fabric borders to help your rug match any room of your house.

Whether you to place an all-weather rug inside or outside of your home, it will surely add versatility, durability, and style!

Outdoor Rugs – Versatility and Beauty

Want to spruce up your outdoor room, patio, or deck?  An outdoor rug just may be the answer.  Outdoor rugs made of synthetic fibers like polypropylene, also known as olefin, are extremely strong and weather resistant.  They are also resistant to stains, mildew, and fading, making them a practical choice for any outdoor space.  Outdoor rugs give a softer, more comfortable indoor feel to any outdoor area.

Today’s outdoor rugs are really beautiful, too, boasting decorative borders and patterns that rival any indoor rug.  In fact, many people choose to use outdoor rugs in their indoor spaces because of their durability and visual appeal.  Use a smaller rug as a welcome mat and a larger one underneath the dining room table to define the space.  Outdoor rugs are ideal for busy entry ways, hallways, kitchens, and living areas, too.  Cleaning an outdoor rug is a breeze.  Spray the rug with a hose and allow it to air dry.  Tough stains require only a mild detergent and warm water for cleaning.

Whether used in outdoor or indoor spaces, an outdoor rug can significantly improve appearances as well as invite more frequent use.