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Wanted: Door Mats with Good Looks and Rugged Personalities

Outdoor Door Mats

Finding just the right door mat for your front or back porch, patio, or boat can be a head ache, and finding a door mat that will last for more than one season can be an even bigger challenge.  Over the course of a year, rain, mildew, insects, and heavy use can take their toll on even sturdy door mats, leaving them looking worn out and ragged far sooner than you had expected.

Paying close attention to the details when you buy your new door mat will pay off.  Look for a door mat that is made of 100% polypropylene — natural fibers are not the way to go if you want your door mat to last a long time.  Natural fibers attract insects and can mildew and deteriorate quickly in moist or humid areas.  Insects are not drawn to polypropylene, and the quality of this material is unaffected by moisture or harsh weather conditions.

Door mats made with tightly woven polypropylene are highly effective in removing a significant amount of debris from the bottoms of shoes as people wipe them on their way into a home.  These door mats stand up beautifully to years of vigorous foot traffic, and they continue to look good over the long haul because they are easy to clean and maintain.  Shake any loose debris from the door mats first, then squirt them with a hose to remove any caked on mud or other dirt.  Door mats air dry quickly and look as good as new.

One final tip:  If you are buying a door mat for in front of an entry way door, be sure that the mat is a little wider than the door itself.  A slightly wider door mat makes the entry way look larger and more welcoming.  Plus, it provides visitors with more area on which they can wipe their feet.