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Mini Greenhouse Kits Give You Gardening Power in Tight Spaces

If you are looking for a greenhouse, but aren’t sure if you will have the space, we can help! In addition to our full size greenhouse kits, we also offer more small space friendly varieties. Our cold frame greenhouse offer 5 sq. feet of growing space and is only 18″ high. The larger double cold frame has 9 sq. feet of space and is 21″ high. Our Grow Deck is just like a cold frame, but raised off the ground for easy access.

If you are looking for something larger, our 4-tiered mini greenhouse is 62″ H x 27″ L x 19″ W with 4 tiers that are each 12-1/2 inches high. It is completely enclosed with a plastic cover to keep your plants warm and safe. The Grow Station is a combination cold frame, a workbench and a storage unit to maximize your space saving potential. Our Plant Inn offers maximum capacity in a compact space. It measures 46″W x 46″D x 58.5″H and includes plant hangers, garden bed trays, and built in drainage!

New Gardening and Greenhouse Products

There are several new products to aid in fall and winter growing seasons available at BackyardCity! Check out the cool products below and keep your gardening going for many more months!

Greenhouse Heater

  • Greenhouse Heater – This heater provides 5,120 BTU’s of fan forced heat throughout your greenhouse to your plants. It has three settings, a safety tip over switch, automatic reset, & thermal cut-out. It comes with a 6 foot cord to make it easy to position anywhere in your greenhouse.

Grow Deck

  • Grow Deck – A grow deck is like a traditional cold frame, but raised off the ground. They provide the perfect ventilation and protection against the elements. It provides comfortable access for all ages and offers storage underneath for making efficient use of small spaces.

  • Grow Station – Even though the Grow Station is not available until late October, you can pre-order now to beat the high demand. The Grow Station offers a unique combination of a cold frame, a workbench and a storage unit. Put plants at a comfortable working height for potting, and use as a cold frame for starting and protecting precious seedlings. Perfect for storing all of your tools and accessories to keep your patio garden tidy. The sturdy galvanized steel shelves are adjustable for ergonomic placement, and both the lid and doors hinge open for accessibility. Crystal clear SnapGlas panels on the lid and doors allow 90% light transmission.