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4 Easy Steps to a Safe and Healthy Sandbox

Sandboxes and Sandbox Covers

With spring just around the corner, the kids will soon be anxious to get outside and engage in some seriously fun backyard play time.  Have you had a chance yet to spruce up the sandbox?  Before the kids are allowed to start digging and shoveling, make sure the sandbox is ready for another season of active play.  The following four easy steps will help you ensure that the sandbox is clean, safe, and inviting for your kids.

1. Replace the sand.

Over time, the sand in outdoor sandboxes gets dirty and should be completely replaced periodically. Generally speaking, replacing sand every year or two should be adequate, but more frequent changes might be needed depending on how often children play in the box and whether a sandbox cover is used consistently. Play sand, rather than building sand, is the best choice for children’s play areas because it is cleaner and free of materials, like clay, that are likely to stain clothing and skin.

2. Inspect sand toys.

Shovels, rakes, and other toys intended for sand play are not always the most durable of tools. Consequently, they don’t often last for more than a season or two. When sand toys or other tools used in the sandbox break, they can have sharp edges or pointy parts that can cause injuries. Before allowing kids to play in the sandbox this spring, check the condition of their sand toys. Toss out any broken or worn out tools, and replace them with tools made from more durable materials.

3. Check sand on a regular basis.

Don’t assume that the sandbox will stay in good condition over the course of the spring and summer. Sharp sticks, rocks, and other debris find their way into play sand quite easily. What’s more, sand toys may not be able to survive an entire season of active play. Checking the sand on a weekly basis allows you to discover and remove any potentially harmful debris and broken toys. You may also need to replenish play sand during these weekly check-ups, especially if kids have spent any time shoveling it out of the box.

4. Use a sandbox cover.

Sandbox covers are not used as extensively or as frequently as they should be, but they are one of the easiest and most important ways to maintain a safe and healthy sandbox. When used properly, sandbox covers prevent excess debris, like leaves, sticks, and rocks, from getting into the sand and creating a potential danger to children. Sandbox covers also protect sand from blowing away in strong breezes, and they keep insects from burrowing and nesting in the sand. Most importantly, sandbox covers prevent play sand from being contaminated by animals who would like to use the sandbox as their toilet.

The only way to use sandbox covers successfully, of course, is to use them regularly when children are not playing in the box. Use sandbox covers that are made to fit your sandbox. Tarps and other makeshift covers can be easily dislodged or removed by animals or strong winds, making them unreliable and ineffective.

Overall, maintaining the backyard sandbox is a simple task that requires little time and few supplies. Keeping all play areas safe and healthy for your kids will give you peace of mind, and will provide your kids and their imaginations with hours of good, clean, simple fun.

Sandboxes Are a Never-Ending Classic


Experts agree that the simpler the plaything, the more effectively kids are able to create and imagine.  Nothing is simpler than sand, and nothing gets a kid’s creativity and imagination going quite like an old-fashioned sandbox.

Kids of all ages flock to sandboxes in parks and at schools, and who can resist that ultimate sandbox — the beach.   It doesn’t matter whether children have elaborate sand tools, cups and spoons from the kitchen, or nothing but their hands and feet, there seems no limit to the fun they can have with sand.

Put a sandbox in the backyard and your kids will spend hours building, pretending, creating, and experiencing the best kind of play, active play that engages the mind and the body.  They may even forget about the TV and the computer games that so easily lull them into a zombie-like stupor.  It’s amazing how such a simple substance as sand can offer so many possibilities and bring so much enjoyment.