Sandboxes Are a Never-Ending Classic


Experts agree that the simpler the plaything, the more effectively kids are able to create and imagine.  Nothing is simpler than sand, and nothing gets a kid’s creativity and imagination going quite like an old-fashioned sandbox.

Kids of all ages flock to sandboxes in parks and at schools, and who can resist that ultimate sandbox — the beach.   It doesn’t matter whether children have elaborate sand tools, cups and spoons from the kitchen, or nothing but their hands and feet, there seems no limit to the fun they can have with sand.

Put a sandbox in the backyard and your kids will spend hours building, pretending, creating, and experiencing the best kind of play, active play that engages the mind and the body.  They may even forget about the TV and the computer games that so easily lull them into a zombie-like stupor.  It’s amazing how such a simple substance as sand can offer so many possibilities and bring so much enjoyment.

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