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Birthday Gifts for Your Favorite Guy!

Birthday Party

Today is my husband’s birthday (happy birthday, Jeremy!), and I have been considering the ideal gifts for men. Options abound for choosing the perfect gift for the man in your life, young or old. Below are two great options that are sure to please every husband, boyfriend, brother, and dad around!Grill

Grilling is a passion for most men. Give them a kitchen, and they might not produce, but give them a a grill and the great outdoors and you will have a delicious meal in no time! Even if your guy already has an outdoor grill, it might be time to upgrade! There are so many options in outdoor cooking available today. Electric, propane/gas, charcoal, and smokers ensure that there is something for everyone. You could even get him a portable grill that is perfect for family vacations, tailgating, and outdoor hobbies, like fishing or hunting.

Outdoor TV Outdoor tvs are a dream for many men! They can only imagine being about to watch their favorite  sporting events or movies live while cooking lunch on the new grill or lounging in the pool. Outdoor tvs make this luxury idea into a reality. Designed for permanent outdoor installation, you can safely watch tv in all kinds of weather. They are perfect for patios and decks, barbecues, pool side, and outdoor kitchens. Rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures are not an issue because of the water tight enclosure and rugged, but crystal clear, screen.

No matter which gift you choose for your favorite man, be sure to make it special and give them a gift that they will never forget!

Portable Tailgating Grill Brings Swing to the Game

Portable Grill for Tailgating

Getting the most out of tailgating this season means having the right equipment for the job.  Standard portable grills are a handy accessory for tailgating, but many grilling enthusiasts wish they could bring along their trusty full-sized gas grill so there’d be more space for their favorite grilled meats and veggies.  It’s possible to combine the best of both worlds — portability and full-sized grilling capacity — thanks to the Weekender Tailgating Grill.

This portable grill is especially built for tailgating.  It has a full-sized cooking area and comes with a heavy-duty steel swing arm that attaches the grill to any vehicle’s standard receiving hitch.  What’s nice about this particular grill is that you can drive to your destination — whether that’s the game, the campground, the beach, or the neighborhood block party — with the grill attached securely to the outside of your vehicle.  After grilling is done, there’s no need to clean the grill before going home or worry that a messy grill will damage the interior of your vehicle.  The mess remains outside until you remove the grill at home.

Tailgating Time!


The start of college football is just around the corner. This means tailgating season is about to be in full swing. Whether you set up outside the Rose Bowl at UCLA, spend an afternoon partying at Penn State, or soak up the southern charm of the Grove at Ole Miss, you are sure to need some tailgating supplies. There are tons of products that you can use to do everything from cook a gourmet meal to impress your friends.

Portable grills are the perfect way to whip up a pre (or post) game meal with no electricity. Powered by gas or charcoal, you can find exactly what you are looking for to cook in the great outdoors. They are compact, easily portable, and available in many designs – including a grill shaped like a football. There is no better way to get pumped for game time than to fire up the grill and enjoy a nice cold beverage. Stay cool while you grill with a Automobrella tailgating umbrella stand which is attached to your vehicle’s hitch! It is easy to install and very portable. It will also serve as a conversation piece, encouraging other fans to join your party and see what all the fuss is about. With these products, you will enjoy tailgating so much, you might just miss the game!

Portable Football GrillTailgating Umbrella Stand

Portable Grills Go Everywhere — Even Your Own Back Yard

Picnic With a Portable Grill

Fall is on our doorstep, so it’s time to hit the road for some serious tailgating.  What is a football game, college or pro, without a parking lot party beforehand?  Juicy burgers and monster bratwurst are on the menu, along with grilled veggies and some ice cold beverages.  No tailgating party can be complete without a portable grill to cook all of that delicious food.  You’ll make fast friends with everyone within range of the tempting aromas your grill creates.

Whether you prefer cooking on a gas grill, charcoal grill, or infrared grill, portable grills rival any full sized grill in cooking quality, plus you can take them just about anywhere you go.  If tailgating parties aren’t your cup of java, then you can bring your portable grill on your next camping or boating trip and nourish your family and friends with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon as the sun rises over the horizon.  Or, you may prefer to travel only as far as your own balcony or back patio.  Apartment dwellers and homeowners with small patios appreciate portable grills for their ability to save precious space while allowing the residents to enjoy the same delicious outdoor delicacies that only a grill can produce.