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Escaping Winter? Don’t Forget the Necessities

Warm Weather Holidays

For many families, the idea of spending the cold winter months at home fighting holiday traffic and shopping center mobs is not the best way to enjoy the season.  Escaping the madness can make for happier holidays — no holiday parties, no baking marathons, no throwing money down the drain on gifts for people you hardly know… So, if you are in the “let’s just get away” camp, then why not escape to someplace warm and sandy?

Before you leave town, make your list and check it twice so that once you get to your sunny destination, you can unpack and unwind right away.  Here are a few necessities you won’t want to forget:

1.  Beach chairs

Recline Backpack Chair

2.  Fair-weather family-friendly outdoor games

Portopong Floating Pong Table

3.  A portable grill for cooking up money-saving and delicious meals

Portable Gas and Charcoal Grills

4.  A portable shade canopy to keep you cool on those hot, sunny days on the beach

Portable Pop Up Canopy - Navy

When you bring along these necessities, plus your sunblock, swim suits, and sunglasses, there’s nothing else you’ll need to have the happiest holiday ever.  Bon voyage!

Tailgating Time!


The start of college football is just around the corner. This means tailgating season is about to be in full swing. Whether you set up outside the Rose Bowl at UCLA, spend an afternoon partying at Penn State, or soak up the southern charm of the Grove at Ole Miss, you are sure to need some tailgating supplies. There are tons of products that you can use to do everything from cook a gourmet meal to impress your friends.

Portable grills are the perfect way to whip up a pre (or post) game meal with no electricity. Powered by gas or charcoal, you can find exactly what you are looking for to cook in the great outdoors. They are compact, easily portable, and available in many designs – including a grill shaped like a football. There is no better way to get pumped for game time than to fire up the grill and enjoy a nice cold beverage. Stay cool while you grill with a Automobrella tailgating umbrella stand which is attached to your vehicle’s hitch! It is easy to install and very portable. It will also serve as a conversation piece, encouraging other fans to join your party and see what all the fuss is about. With these products, you will enjoy tailgating so much, you might just miss the game!

Portable Football GrillTailgating Umbrella Stand

Portable Shade Canopies: Endlessly Handy

I challenge anyone to find a portable structure that is handier than a shade canopy.  There is no apparent limit to the variety of ways that portable shade canopies can be put to use.  Here are just a few:

  • Set up a shade canopy along the sideline of your kid’s soccer games;
  • Use it to enjoy a comfortable, impromptu picnic in the backyard;
  • Keep it near the sandbox to provide the kids with extra shade as they play;
  • Bring a portable shade canopy along to the beach and create your own personal cabana shelter;
  • Set up merchandise tables under a shade canopy at your next garage sale;
  • Instantly create a covered dining area on the deck or patio.

Portable shade canopies are economical and durable; they are simple to put up and fast to take down.  Many come with their own tote bag, which makes for easy storage.  I keep a portable shade canopy in the trunk of my car, and it never ceases to amaze me how often I find a use for it when our family is out and about.  How do you use your portable shade canopy?