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Escaping Winter? Don’t Forget the Necessities

Warm Weather Holidays

For many families, the idea of spending the cold winter months at home fighting holiday traffic and shopping center mobs is not the best way to enjoy the season.  Escaping the madness can make for happier holidays — no holiday parties, no baking marathons, no throwing money down the drain on gifts for people you hardly know… So, if you are in the “let’s just get away” camp, then why not escape to someplace warm and sandy?

Before you leave town, make your list and check it twice so that once you get to your sunny destination, you can unpack and unwind right away.  Here are a few necessities you won’t want to forget:

1.  Beach chairs

Recline Backpack Chair

2.  Fair-weather family-friendly outdoor games

Portopong Floating Pong Table

3.  A portable grill for cooking up money-saving and delicious meals

Portable Gas and Charcoal Grills

4.  A portable shade canopy to keep you cool on those hot, sunny days on the beach

Portable Pop Up Canopy - Navy

When you bring along these necessities, plus your sunblock, swim suits, and sunglasses, there’s nothing else you’ll need to have the happiest holiday ever.  Bon voyage!

Beach Accessories to Improve Your Vacation

Planning a trip to the beach this summer? Taking sunblock, bathing suits, towels, and sunglasses are a given, but there are so many other items that could really make your experience the best.  These accessories will make your beach time so much more fun (and comfortable).

  • Radio Pillow: Perfect for not only the beach, but also around the home, a sports radio pillow is a fun and inexpensive way to entertain yourself while relaxing. Just lay back and tune into your favorite station. The stereo speakers will surround you with music and the ergonomic design will offer the ultimate comfort. You will be the envy of everyone on the beach.
  • Beach Chair Canopy: Need some relief from direct sunlight? A removable chair canopy will transform any beach chair into a shady retreat. It is easy to attach and provides maximum protection. The canopy pictured is designed to fit any adult Swim Ways or Kelsyus chairs, which are popular brands sold by vendors nation wide.
  • Portable Beach Mat: Better than a towel, this mat will make sure that you experience a comfortable day of lounging. It is lightweight, fully padded, and even has an adjustable backrest. The portable beach mat folds up like a purse, complete with storage pockets, so its stylish even when it’s not in use.

Add a Little Swivel to Your Sunbathing

Swivel Beach Chairs

Sun worshippers — how many times during your outdoor tanning sessions do you have to get out of your beach chair, pick it up, and move it to keep up with the position of the sun?  It’s no secret that the sun moves across the sky continually throughout the day, and sun worshippers everywhere must constantly adjust the position of their chairs to compensate for that movement.

Achieving a tan that is even in color on all exposed parts of the body is the summertime goal for many beach bums and swimming pool lovers.  It’s a constant hassle, though, to keep adjusting your seating arrangement.  Sunbathers who fall asleep or become engrossed in a good book can end up with a lopsided tan that is difficult and time-consuming to remedy.

The smart solution comes in the form of a Swivel Beach Chair.  Lightweight and easy to carry, the swivel beach chair allows you to plop yourself down by the poolside or on the beach and simply turn yourself to follow the sun as it moves overhead in the sky.  With a swivel beach chair, you never need to get up to adjust the chair’s position.  And, turning away from the sun is just as easy when you’ve had enough.

Amazing Beach Chair Does It All

One of the hardest things to do at the beach is carry all your stuff to that perfect spot you pick out.  Most people carry towels, coolers, floats, kids and some sort of chair to sit in.  By the time you get to your spot, tension has started mounting.  Especially when your child tells you they need to go potty.

Mesh Backpack Beach Chair

As Americans strive to make life easier, so do manufacturers.  The mesh backpack beach chair is great for enjoying the beach or anywhere you want to kick back and relax. This chair is perfect for the beach as it has a low profile seat for getting close to the sand and water while you enjoy the sun. This chair has a patented low profile steel frame, an adjustable headrest, it has a built in a drink holder, and a carry-all zipper pouch with mesh wet/dry bag. The armrests convert to backpack straps for comfy carrying.

Another option for R & R is to add a beach chair canopy. You can keep the canopy down when the sun is not too hot or if it gets a little too warm, you can put it up to protect you from the sun.

Canopy for Beach Chairs