Amazing Beach Chair Does It All

One of the hardest things to do at the beach is carry all your stuff to that perfect spot you pick out.  Most people carry towels, coolers, floats, kids and some sort of chair to sit in.  By the time you get to your spot, tension has started mounting.  Especially when your child tells you they need to go potty.

Mesh Backpack Beach Chair

As Americans strive to make life easier, so do manufacturers.  The mesh backpack beach chair is great for enjoying the beach or anywhere you want to kick back and relax. This chair is perfect for the beach as it has a low profile seat for getting close to the sand and water while you enjoy the sun. This chair has a patented low profile steel frame, an adjustable headrest, it has a built in a drink holder, and a carry-all zipper pouch with mesh wet/dry bag. The armrests convert to backpack straps for comfy carrying.

Another option for R & R is to add a beach chair canopy. You can keep the canopy down when the sun is not too hot or if it gets a little too warm, you can put it up to protect you from the sun.

Canopy for Beach Chairs

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