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Add a Little Swivel to Your Sunbathing

Swivel Beach Chairs

Sun worshippers — how many times during your outdoor tanning sessions do you have to get out of your beach chair, pick it up, and move it to keep up with the position of the sun?  It’s no secret that the sun moves across the sky continually throughout the day, and sun worshippers everywhere must constantly adjust the position of their chairs to compensate for that movement.

Achieving a tan that is even in color on all exposed parts of the body is the summertime goal for many beach bums and swimming pool lovers.  It’s a constant hassle, though, to keep adjusting your seating arrangement.  Sunbathers who fall asleep or become engrossed in a good book can end up with a lopsided tan that is difficult and time-consuming to remedy.

The smart solution comes in the form of a Swivel Beach Chair.  Lightweight and easy to carry, the swivel beach chair allows you to plop yourself down by the poolside or on the beach and simply turn yourself to follow the sun as it moves overhead in the sky.  With a swivel beach chair, you never need to get up to adjust the chair’s position.  And, turning away from the sun is just as easy when you’ve had enough.