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Create a Safely Lit Outdoor Area at Your Home

Do you ever arrive home after dusk, blinded by darkness outside your home? Not only does this leave your fumbling for keys to unlock the door and falling over obstructions that may lie in your path, it also creates a dangerous scenario that leaves you venerable to thieves, robbers, and other harmful hiders. Create a safe and illuminated environment with outdoor lights. There are many styles and options to choose from that add functionality AND beauty. Here are just a few of the many great lights available for the outside of your home.

  • Solar Step Light: Perfect for lawns, gardens, and pathways, these stepping stones create sure footing with glow of light. They easily support up to 350 lbs of weight and harness the sun’s energy to power their efficient LED lights. There is no wiring to install and no operating costs – just beautiful style and a secure path.

Solar Stepping Stone

  • Security Light: If you need a stronger, steady light, security lights are a great solution. They bathe the outside of your home in light and create a safe area. Solar security lights offer the added function of saving money and electricity. The security light below can be set to light up upon detection of motion or set on a timer to illuminate before you arrive home. Installation is simple so you can have it installed instantly upon receipt.

Solar Security Light

  • Outdoor Lanterns: If your goal is to add light in the most elegant way possible, outdoor lanterns are for you! You can choose from electric lanterns, which operate off of standard household bulbs, or flame lanterns, which burn fuel. Many lanterns also come with planter flower pots around the bottom to add a beautiful gardening opportunity. Citronella oil, long known to ward off insects, can be burned in flame lanterns. In addition to a new source of light, you will repel flying pest from your home.

Islander Park Flame Lantern with Planter

Green Energy – For the Planet AND the Pocketbook

Energy Saving Green Logo
“Going Green” is a trend that is gaining momentum every year and has become a lifestyle choice for many Americans. Not only does it allow you to do your part in conserving our precious resources, but it can also save you hundreds of dollars a year in utility costs. Making small changes can yield huge differences. Replacing just one regular light bulb in your home with an energy-efficient light bulb will reduce that outlet’s energy consumption by 75% and save you up to $40 a year! Imagine the difference that you can make if you replace all of the bulbs in your home. Another important energy-saving tip is to make sure that your doors and window are properly sealed. Drafts and broken seals can waste hundreds of dollars a year in heating and cooling cost and waste unnecessary energy. You will also want to make sure that you are using energy-efficient appliances. Seventeen percent of your household energy is spent on large appliance operation (refrigerators, clothes washer and dryers, and dishwashers). If you are not using an EnergyStar certified appliance, consider upgrading. It will save you money in the long run.

Solar power is also a great way to save energy in and around your home. If you are not ready to install solar panels on your roof and rely solely on the sun, you can still implement small uses of solar power around your home. Consider using Chinese Solar Lanterns or Umbrella Solar Lanterns at you next outdoor party instead of traditional lighting sources. Add solar powered path lights to your driveway or sidewalk. Consider investing in solar swimming pool heaters in place of traditional heat sources for your pool.

Green power is here to stay. More and more people are realizing that making these small, but powerful, changes are a necessary step toward protecting our plant AND our pocketbooks. Start making your home energy-efficient today and you reap the benefits for many years to come.

Chinese Solar LanternsUmbrella Solar Lanterns

Source: US Department of Energy (http://www.energysavers.gov)

A Spooktacular Solution for Landscape Lighting

Patio Lantern

How do you keep the walkways to your front door safe and well lighted, especially on spooky nights like Halloween?  Cute little ghosts and goblins will be more likely to come looking for tricks and treats if they can see clePatio Lanternsarly how to reach your porch.  There are any number of holiday-themed lighting options that would work for lighting the way, but if Halloween lights are only used for Halloween, what will you do for landscape lighting the rest of the year?

Patio Lanterns offer a different approach to landscape lighting than traditional path lights or garden lights.  Reminiscent of the decorative street lamps found in Paris and other European cities, patio lanterns bring old-world charm to a patio, deck, or walkway.  They dress up a home’s landscape much more effectively than standard path lights or garden lights, and they are easy to decorate from season to season.

Unique Patio Lanterns Create Ambiance

Patio Lanterns

Elegant and unique, Starlight Outdoor Patio Lanterns are made to survive the outside elements. These beautiful ornamental lights create a dramatic, ambient glow in your outdoor living spaces, on the patio, by the pool, or in the garden.

The globes of each Starlight Outdoor Patio Lantern are unique in design, ranging from contemporary to nostalgic. My favorite, the Orion Patio Lanterns, are designed to mimic old street post light globes and bring an old world character to any existing decor. A string of either 50 or 100 mini lights are used to illuminate each lantern. You are sure to find a Starlight Patio Lantern that fits your unique taste and style. Any Shooting Star Lanterns make for stylish indoor accent lighting as well.

If you are looking to add beauty and ambiance to your outdoor patio, lanterns are an excellent choice and can give any space a warm glow that neither overpowers nor disappoints. These lanterns are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere to any outdoor occasion.

Starlight Lanterns – Outdoor Patio Lantern Lighting

If you are looking to add beauty and ambience to your outdoor patio, outdoor lanterns are an excellent choice and can give any space a warm glow that neither overpowers nor disappoints. These beautiful ornamental lights create a dramatic, ambient glow in your outdoor living spaces, on the patio, by the pool, or in the garden. Starlight Lanterns, pictured above, are particularly perfect for adding a glowing ambiance to your outdoor decor.