A Spooktacular Solution for Landscape Lighting

Patio Lantern

How do you keep the walkways to your front door safe and well lighted, especially on spooky nights like Halloween?  Cute little ghosts and goblins will be more likely to come looking for tricks and treats if they can see clePatio Lanternsarly how to reach your porch.  There are any number of holiday-themed lighting options that would work for lighting the way, but if Halloween lights are only used for Halloween, what will you do for landscape lighting the rest of the year?

Patio Lanterns offer a different approach to landscape lighting than traditional path lights or garden lights.  Reminiscent of the decorative street lamps found in Paris and other European cities, patio lanterns bring old-world charm to a patio, deck, or walkway.  They dress up a home’s landscape much more effectively than standard path lights or garden lights, and they are easy to decorate from season to season.

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