Composting Fall Leaves

The leaves are changing and falling to the ground at a rapid pace. It makes for a beautiful time of year, but also a mess on your lawn. Why not get rid of those falling leaves in a way that is great for landscaping in multiple ways. Compost bins are perfect for recycling those fall leaves into something that is actually GOOD for your lawn. Add the leaves, along with household food scraps, to your compost bin and it will be rapidly decomposed, creating some of the richest and most natural soil you have ever seen. It can then be returned to your lawn and garden, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers. Pine needles, grass clippings, kitchen waste, and even paper towels can also be added to your compost bin. Do something great for your lawn, your family, and your environment. You will get so much enjoyment in realizing that you are reducing your waste by turning it into a useful resource.

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