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Enjoy a Picnic This Afternoon!

Picnic BasketPicnicPicnic Basket

My daughter and I have “afternoon adventures”, as we call them, at least once a week. Some times we go to the park, sometimes the museum, but we almost always have a picnic at the end of our adventure. There is something exciting and relaxing about enjoying the nice afternoon temperatures and dining outdoors. With the amazing new picnic baskets available today, adults and children alike can easily enjoy dining al fresco any time they choose! These are not the wicker baskets of the past. They come with not only a fully insulated container that holds food and drinks, but also a full place setting for two! Plates, silverware, cloth napkins, cutting board, and even a cork screw come tucked inside. They are super convenient, super stylish, and super fun! Plan your own afternoon adventure, and don’t forget your picnic basket.

Wishing For Something Special in Your Garden?

Wishing Well

Everyone, at some point, wishes on a star. It is a whimsical and fun way to hope that you get that which you desire. So what do you do during the day? Adding a wishing well to your garden or backyard will ensure that you are ALWAYS able to make that wish! The one in the picture above is so beautiful and versatile. It is made of red cedar that is beautiful as is and unfinished. However, it can also be stained, finished, or painted any way you choose. You could really let your imagination run wild! It has a fully functional crank and handle and has plenty of tub space that is perfect for hiding unsightly objects or adding plants. Wishing wells are also perfect for wedding or anniversary gifts! Don’t you WISH you had one?

Portable Grills Go Everywhere — Even Your Own Back Yard

Picnic With a Portable Grill

Fall is on our doorstep, so it’s time to hit the road for some serious tailgating.  What is a football game, college or pro, without a parking lot party beforehand?  Juicy burgers and monster bratwurst are on the menu, along with grilled veggies and some ice cold beverages.  No tailgating party can be complete without a portable grill to cook all of that delicious food.  You’ll make fast friends with everyone within range of the tempting aromas your grill creates.

Whether you prefer cooking on a gas grill, charcoal grill, or infrared grill, portable grills rival any full sized grill in cooking quality, plus you can take them just about anywhere you go.  If tailgating parties aren’t your cup of java, then you can bring your portable grill on your next camping or boating trip and nourish your family and friends with a hearty breakfast of pancakes and bacon as the sun rises over the horizon.  Or, you may prefer to travel only as far as your own balcony or back patio.  Apartment dwellers and homeowners with small patios appreciate portable grills for their ability to save precious space while allowing the residents to enjoy the same delicious outdoor delicacies that only a grill can produce.

Outdoor Televisions: TV Watchers Return to Nature

My husband’s dream…to sit out on the patio or by the pool, cool drink in hand, hot wings by his side, watching his favorite football team.  No, his favorite team won’t be stopping by to scrimmage in the yard; he’ll be able to watch them on an all-weather outdoor television.  Oh, yes.  What could be better as summer winds down than to enjoy the cooler days outdoors while watching a favorite team or favorite show?  You could even enjoy a romantic evening under the stars watching Casablanca or When Harry Met Sally.

An outdoor all-weather television is not your standard variety TV.  It is specially made to be installed and used in an outdoor living space, whether on the patio or pool side.   All-weather TVs are a natural choice for outdoor restaurants and cafes, and they liven up any backyard barbecue or pool party.  Some all-weather TVs even come with watertight, floating remote controls so you can enjoy a swim while surfing the channels.

What happens when the rain falls or when exuberant swimmers splash the television?  Nothing.  All-weather and watertight enclosures protect the Outdoor TV’s components from elements such as rain, dirt, insects, scratches, sun, and extreme temperatures.   Additionally, the TV’s screen is much brighter than a standard TV screen to overcome outdoor glare.

Get the popcorn popping and the root beer flowing…we’re going outside for some quality outdoor TV time!


Decorative Outdoor Planters

Why not add a  handcrafted beautiful cedar garden planter to your backyard?  Each piece has been hand made by individuals with disabilities. These planters are made in association with the Knox County Council for Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (kccdd.com), which was developed to provide work and career opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Individuals are assisted in becoming self-supporting citizens who can contribute their talents, skills, and labor to the communities in which they live.They are available in rectangle cedar planters and square cedar planters in various heights and sizes.

Cedar planters are naturally insect and weather resistant and sure to add the “wow” factor you are looking for!