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Simple Solution for Gardening Woes

Raised Planter Boxes for Back Pain Prevention

Gardening is an enjoyable pastime for millions of people, but for many, it can present challenges and hassles. Those of us who have issues with mobility, space limitations, or invasions by local wildlife may find gardening a frustrating experience. All of these challenges can be solved easily, though, with the addition of raised planter boxes.

Raised Planter Boxes

Raised planter boxes, which are available in square or rectangle shapes, are an easy way to keep plants and veggies contained, but they also offer a number of other advantages:

  • Cedar Rectangle Planter BoxesNo Bending Required — Planter boxes raised on sturdy legs are ideal for gardeners who may have difficulty bending down and working in garden beds on the ground.
  • No Critter Competition — Raised planter boxes are also appealing to gardeners who are tired of losing out to local rabbits and other critters. They keep tender plants and veggies out of reach.
  • Suitable for Small Spaces — For homeowners who lack yard space for planting a garden, planter boxes give them the opportunity to keep a garden on the patio or deck.

Thanks to raised planter boxes, gardeners can enjoy fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits without having to experience the problems that sometimes accompany traditional ground-level gardens.

Decorative Outdoor Planters

Why not add a  handcrafted beautiful cedar garden planter to your backyard?  Each piece has been hand made by individuals with disabilities. These planters are made in association with the Knox County Council for Developmental Disabilities, Inc. (kccdd.com), which was developed to provide work and career opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Individuals are assisted in becoming self-supporting citizens who can contribute their talents, skills, and labor to the communities in which they live.They are available in rectangle cedar planters and square cedar planters in various heights and sizes.

Cedar planters are naturally insect and weather resistant and sure to add the “wow” factor you are looking for!