Offset Umbrella Systems - Single Umbrella
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Offset Umbrella Systems - Single Umbrella

Offset Umbrella by Paraflex

The Offset Umbrella by Paraflex has been one of the truly amazing and clever shade solutions available in Europe for years. The Paraflex shade system is now sweeping the United States. One of the most sensible and stylish umbrella systems you will ever see the centerpiece of this unique design is the Rotating Arm Holder. The Arm Holder works much like a human arm allowing you to tilt and rotate the umbrella canopy in an almost infinite number of adjustment ranges.

Paraflex offset umbrella canopies come in your choice of Texsilk or Sunbrella fabrics available in variety of colors. Canopies resist dirt, oil, mildew and fading. Water resistant with superior colorfast properties, these canopies have shape retention are easily cleaned and can be easily replaced. Each canopy has a zipper so the umbrella can be closed while still attached to the holding arm. This vented umbrella canopy is designed to handle light to moderate winds when in the open position; however, "if it is too windy to be outside enjoying the day under your umbrella, lower the canopy and retract the rotating arm/holder back to the wall or pole."

Known for stylish design and ease of operation, the lightweight Paraflex Offset Umbrella uses anodized aluminum masts, stainless steel fittings and marine grade components. Anodized aluminum is the strongest and most stylish finish used in aluminum products as the electro-chemical process forms a stable and thick, protective coating that bonds with the metal and is sealed to create an aesthetically superior umbrella mast and arms. The bonding process means that this finish will not peel or chip and is resistant to corrosion and abrasion so it is great for any strong UV or coastal environment.

The Single Mount system comes with (1) 9ft Paraflex umbrella, (1) 6ft Rotating Arm Holder and (1) Single/Double Pole. The Single/Double Pole has 1 track and will accommodate 1 or 2 umbrellas. Because this pole only has one track you can not mount 2 umbrellas on an even plane. You can purchase a Telescopic Pole which comes with 4 tracks and will accommodate up to 4 umbrellas should you decide to add more at a later date. Due to the 4 track design of the Telescopic Pole you can mount up to 4 umbrellas on an even plane. The Single/Double Pole stands 6ft 8in tall and the Telescopic Pole will extend from 6ft to 7ft 6in. Prices for the Pole Mount option does not include installation fittings. Installation options include In Ground Fitting, Concrete Mount, Deck Mount and Free Standing Options.

This umbrella comes with a 3 year limited warranty. To view the warranty information, please click here Paraflex Warranty Information. You can check out the Paraflex Installation Instructions to see how easy it is to install your Paraflex Offset Umbrella System.

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Wall Mount


Features of Single Offset Umbrella - Pole Mount
  • Sunbrella Acrylic or Texsilk Olefin Canopies with Zipper
  • (1) 9 ft Umbrella - 8ft-10in rib tip to rib tip
  • (1) 6ft rotating umbrella arm/holder
  • (1) Double/Single Pole 6ft 9in Tall will accommodate up to 2 umbrellas
  • Frame finishes in silver only
  • Marine grade components and stainless steel fittings
  • Anodized aluminum masts
  • Bases and other installation fittings available at an additional cost

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    Concrete Mount Kit
    Concrete Mount Kit
    Price: $395.00
    Sale Price: $335.00

    Wood Deck Mount Kit
    Wood Deck Mount Kit
    Price: $525.00
    Sale Price: $455.00

    In Ground Base Kit
    In Ground Base Kit
    Price: $350.00
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    Free Standing Base
    Free Standing Base
    Price: $799.00
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