Paraflex Free Standing Base
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Paraflex Free Standing Base

For Mounting Paraflex Side Post Umbrellas

The Paraflex Free Standing Base arrives as a "shell". The base needs to be filled with 250 lbs of concrete. Once the concrete cures, the spigot that the umbrella pole mounts over is bolted to the top of the base with bolts that are included. Using the handles that are attached to the base, the base can be moved by two strong people or by using a dolly preferably. Made of powder coated aluminum with stainless steel hardware, the Freestanding Base is the most versatile and easy to move base manufacturered by Paraflex.

The 250 lb base is for pole mount only and can be used with 1 to 3 Paraflex umbrellas. There is a 150 lb version available with wheels and can be used with 1 umbrella only. The wheeled version must be filled with 150 lbs of concrete.

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