Twin-Valve Manifold by Party King

Compatible with All Party King® MVP Grill Models

All-metal, Twin Valve Manifold, is a key component in the unique Double Barrel Fuel System®. Permits the use of two easily transportable, standard 1.02-lb propane canisters, with a capacity for up to 2-hours or more of grilling. Eliminates transportation of heavy, unstable propane bottles inside your vehicle. Canisters are inexpensive and readily available. The Twin Valve Manifold is compatible with all Party KingŪ MVP Grill models. (Propane canisters not included)

When purchased as a complete grill package, the package includes a twin valve manifold for Double-Barrel Fuel System® with choice of using 2 highly-portable, 1.02-lb. propane canisters, or a standard 5-gal. propane exchange bottle. Complete grill package also comes with a black vinyl protective grill bag.

Twin-Valve Manifold by Party King - ID#:PAR-PKA-TVM-1100
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