Metal Middle Frame Fitting - 2-3/8th OD

Metal Middle Frame Fitting - 2-3/8th OD

Steel Metal Swing Set Hardware

This steel Middle Frame Fitting fits in the middle of a metal swing set frame between each set of two swing positions. This piece is a heavy-duty, two legged Middle Frame Fitting for 2 3/8" legs. These are designed to be used with schedule forty 2" pipe. To figure the length of pipe needed take the SIN of 65 degrees = .96 = Height and then divide by the length of the pipe. For example: a ten foot pipe would be 8 ft 10" above the ground. National Test Lab Results: 5000 lbs. Grade: Commercial. These fittings include all the hardware required to attach to the 4 pipes (2 beams and 2 legs).

Pipe Leg Lengths Needed for Different Swing Beam Heights
(Leaves approximately 2ft of pipe in the ground)
Beam Height Leg Length Needed
8ft High 11ft 6in
9ft High 12ft 8in
10ft High 13ft 10in
11ft High 15ft
12ft High 16ft 2in

Each 2 swing position beam should be at least 9ft in width.    Schedule 40, 2 Inch pipe is recommended.   Schedule 40, 2" pipe is 2" inside diameter and 2-3/8" outside diameter.

Features of Metal Middle Frame Fitting - 2-3/8th OD
  • Heavy Duty Set Screws to securely hold pipe in place.
  • Use Schedule 40, 2" pipe. 2" Inside diamter and 2-3/8" Outside diamter
  • 1/4" Thick Welded Steel Construction
  • Powder Coated in Blue or Green

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