Venezia Resin Collection Outdoor Patio Furniture

Venezia Resin Collection Outdoor Patio Furniture

Made in Germany by Kettler® International, Inc.

Settle back and enjoy relaxation in the sleek and stylish comfort of a Venezia Resin Arm Chair or Side Chair. Venezia Chairs offer outstanding comfort and are the perfect size for balconies, cozy terraces, club houses, or outdoor cafes. The Venezia Arm Chair and Side Chair both have graceful scissor legs allowing them to fold and nest easily for efficient storage, even where storage space is limited.

The Venezia Collection of Resin Outdoor Furniture by KETTLER® is unmatched in quality and style. Other resin furniture simply can't measure up to the superior quality of KETTLER® Resin Furniture. KETTLER® uses a unique mineral-reinforced polypropylene resin to create furniture that is not only exceptionally durable, but resistant to all weather conditions -- Kettler® Resin Furniture will not fade, crack, or yellow. In addition, Venezia Chairs are coated with a multiple layer lacquer finish, enhancing their durability even further. Your Venezia Resin Furniture will last for years and look just as beautiful as the day you first purchased it.

Add to your Venezia Arm Chairs or Side Chairs one of the Kettler® Kettalux Resin Tables to complete your Outdoor Patio Furniture set. Virtually maintenance free, Kettler® Kettalux Resin Tables are the ultimate in strength and weather resistance. Each table is constructed of solid, super thick, and outstandingly robust resin that is warp-proof, chip-proof, and shock absorbent. All Kettalux tables are cleverly designed with integrated floor levelers to prevent wobbling on an uneven surface. In addition, the resin used in every Kettalux table is 100% recyclable.

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