Imaginations Go Wild With a Vinyl Playhouse

Vinyl Playhouse Window

Forgotten toys, broken toys, and toys chewed by the dog are usually what we find at the bottom of the swing set club house in our backyard.  The “toy graveyard,” we call it, and they end up there when my husband needs to mow the lawn.  Any toys that are strewn across the yard get tossed under the swing set to clear the way for the mower.  As my son gets older, his powers of imagination grow, and I realize that the poorly used space underneath the swing set club house could be better put to use to help encourage that imagination.

Last weekend, we chucked out all of the old, broken toys and found a proper home for the still usable toys.  Then, we created an enclosed vinyl playhouse thanks to some custom-fitted vinyl material.  What a difference that made!  My son calls this new play area his “cabin.”   He furnished it with some kid-sized chairs and a small table, and so far, he has imagined any number of interesting scenarios.  He pretends that his new vinyl playhouse is a store, a storm shelter, a castle, a tree house.  The vinyl playhouse has become his magical spot for imagining that anything is possible.  Plus, it gets him out of the house and into the fresh air!

Imaginations Go Wild!

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