Tradewinds Outdoor Chat Height Gas Firepit
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Tradewinds Outdoor Chat Height Gas Firepit

Firepit / Granite Patio Table

The Tradewinds Outdoor Chat Height Gas Firepit brings a sophisticated look with or without a granite top to your backyard area. Each outdoor chat height fire pit has a base with deep mahogany, cast resin, bamboo shafts and a realistic basket weave background. If you choose to add a granite top, you have your choice of a 48" diameter granite table top in Sunset Gold, Pebble, or Sea Green (see below). These table tops are easy to maintain as there are no grout lines that will crack or mildew. You can also convert your Tradewinds firepit into a cooler top table with the purchase of an ice bucket and adaptor ring.

This firepit comes with ceramic gas logs or you can opt for colored glass (Clear, Smoke, or Bronze) for an additional charge. The Tradewinds Dining Height Firepit comes in a 21-1/4" tall bar height, or 20" without the granite top. At the bottom, the base measures 34" and 38" at the top without the granite, while the base is designed to hold a 10# Stubbie LP tank. All units are shipped LP Propane gas ready, unless you designate natural gas on your order (at no extra charge for a limited time), and comes with a matching side table/tank cover and a vinyl cover.

Granite Top
Sunset Gold

Granite Top

Granite Top
Sea Green

Use this beautiful mahogany Tradewinds Firepit with your choice of a granite table top and give your outdoor area a stylish sophistication. It is as stylish as some indoor pieces. Each table is made to order, and the assembly is fast and easy for 2 people. The beautiful 1 1/4" thick granite table top is all weather resistant natural stone.

Fire Pit Operating and Instruction Manual

Features of Tradewinds Chat Height Firepit
  • Can Be Used With or Without a Granite Top
  • 21-1/4" Table Height with Granite Top
  • 20" Table Height without Granite Top
  • 3 Different Styles of 48" Granite Top
  • Ceramic Logs or Burning Glass
  • 40,000 BTU Burner
  • Available in Natural Gas or Propane
  • Grill Option is Not Available for This Model
  • The adapter ring is required for the ice bucket option.

  • This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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